A Quilter’s Mixology in Review – Day 3

A Quilter's Mixology

It’s day 3 of a glimpse through the projects in my book.  I hope you are all enjoying this tour and a chance to see the quilts I’ve designed based off of one basic block, the quarter circle curve.  I have so enjoyed being able to share them with you a bit at a time.  And I know how important it is to see what is in the book before you buy it.  Plus it’s just kind of fun to look at pretty quilts. 😉

I’m sharing another 3 projects today from the book.  And again there will be an opportunity to win a copy of the book and more prizes…just to celebrate!  I hope you’ll continue join me each day to see the quilts and hopefully be inspired to start sewing some curves.

Today, first I want to show you what is perhaps my favorite quilt in the book, Butterflies.   I probably shouldn’t have a favorite, but some quilts just touch you more than others.

A Quilter's Mixology

I love the combination of whimsy and function in this quilt.  There are three sizes of butterflies that wind and fly their way across the quilt.  It is one of the other beautiful quilts that Krista Withers quilted and she did a truly amazing job on this one.  This is one of those quilts that I am never letting go of.

A Quilter's Mixology

Secondly, I want to show you a lap quilt I made called Mod Garden.  This is my take on the classic stem and leaf motif.

A Quilter's Mixology

This pattern easily emerges when you start playing with curves and squares.  I chose a bold color scheme for the book quilt and graphic modern flowers.  But there are really so many options with this design.  You could easily take one stem and leaf and continue it in a long length, creating a table runner.  The leaves need not be green but think soft pastel colors on a white background.  Can you tell that I want to make this one again and again? Always a good thing with your own designs!

And the last quilt for today is a deceptively simple strip quilt called Teleport.  The placement of a few particular curves gives dynamic movement and is reminiscent of binary code a la Matrix.

A Quilter's Mixology

I designed this quilt in particular for the teenage boy in your life.  I know that we are always looking for patterns that may have a bit of a more masculine hint to them.  And I think that this one hits the mark.  I’d love to see it made in greens and blacks like the falling code numbers in the Matrix series or perhaps in blues to somehow represent time travel for Dr Who fans.  Obviously I have a sci-fi feel for this quilt.  But it could be easily turned Mod with Golds, Pinks and Purples for a Groovy feel any girl would love.

So there you have it!  The next three of sixteen projects to share with you.

If you missed Day 1, you can check it out HERE.

If you missed Day 2, you can check it out HERE.

And join us every day this week for more sneak peaks into the book.

174 thoughts on “A Quilter’s Mixology in Review – Day 3”

  1. These are all amazing quilts! You've made curves look both beautiful & achievable. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of your fantastic book.

  2. I'm usually a straight-line-quilting kind of girl, but the curves of the butterflies combined with the detailed quilting are beautiful. I wouldn't let go of that one, either!

  3. Once again…..there are some more patterns in the book that I must make! I am going to be so busy….good thing I love sewing curves! You are the best Angela!

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