Accuquilt Goodness

Oh I’m a super lucky gal!  Accuquilt sent me some advance dies from their newly released Fall 2013 Die Series.  It was a bit like Christmas!  Although my box did suffer a bit in the mail.  Maybe wild dogs got to it?  Or someone who really wanted those accuquilt dies? 😉

Accuquilt Goodness

But thankfully the dies were all in perfect shape!  I have a ton of ideas for these and can’t wait to give them a good whirl through the cutters!  Some are for the Go and some for the Go Baby.

Since these were prototypes, they don’t have cover art on them.  But I can share the official images from accuquilt directly because these are available to everyone now!  But if you look on the ends of the dies, you can see a small black image of the shape that these each cut.  I’m particularly excited about the large and small clamshells, the wedge shape, and that equilateral triangle.

Now…the real question.  Which one should I tackle first?  Though it seems a *little* boring, I actually have an idea for the triangle right now.  And I’m really liking the idea of die cut triangles because they notch off those pesky little tips you are often left with.  So this quilt might fly.  (Though I’m not at a flying pace lately…maybe it’s the newly cold weather here).  So many possibilities!

I’m off to play!!

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  1. What a lucky girl. I am waiting on a couple of deliveries myself and you're right… it does feel like Christmas when they arrive. I am new to the Accuquilt dies so I am very interested to see what you come up with. I thought I would try them out with my books but haven't quite take to them yet. Make something that makes me jealous and gets me using mine.

  2. I just got Accuquilt's email this morning and have been drooling over the clam shell die. I tried to trace and cut clam shell templates a month or two ago and it was so frustrating and inaccurate! The project got bagged, but I think it would be much, much more doable with dies.
    Have fun with them!

  3. Lol at Jenny's comment to cut a bunch and send to her–and me, too! haha! I have had my eyes on that 4-inch one and will definitely get it. Please work with that one soon! Would love to see how you put it together! 🙂

  4. Wowzers! How fun! I think I ran my Go! Baby to the ground with HST's a few weeks ago. Poor thing had to go through all my scraps, now it cries when I turn the crank. Seriously! It makes a sad, moaning sound, ha ha! Still, I really love how easy the dies make the long, tedious cutting step.

  5. You are so right!!! You are a VERY VERY lucky girl. Those three dies that you have shown are the three I want from this new lot. There is still one or two I want from the piecing dies that are out already. Wish my name was Angela and I lived at your address.

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