Well, I guessed correctly.  No sewing.  It really is impossible to sew when you are trying to set up a whole new home.  I made it work while I was packing up the last one, but this week is a no-go.

This is not to say that I have not surrounded myself with all of my fabric and supplies this week.  In fact, that was a big part of moving over to the condo (after we finally got power back on after a wind “gust” took out 12,000 homes’ power in the area…good times…).

I once again have a new little sewing nook.  And gosh darn it, I’m going to make it work.  I know that I’m blessed to have even this space, but it is a bit of a downgrade from my sewing room. 😉


There are some things that I like even better though.  For instance, I will totally be stealing these bookcases for my next sewing room.  It’s so nice to have so much of my fabric all on one bookcase.  And I’m trying to pretend that it is my “art” for the room.

We even have the thread holders hung and a new shelf that is not being fully utilized yet!  It almost looks like I’ve been sewing.  But don’t be fooled…I haven’t.  If you look closely you’ll see that the sewing machine isn’t even plugged in yet.


My current nemesis is the second bookcase.  It is just entirely too cluttered and not really accessible right now.  But I’ve purchased some “baskets” to help both organize and make it Caitlyn proof. 😉


We threw up some County Fair fabric on the nearby sliding door for some much-needed privacy but that is clearly not the real curtain.  Ironically though I have ordered some other blue fabric from this line for the curtains.  It will be less busy and a little darker….oh and actually cover the window. 😉


I do have some other projects for the condo…I just can’t live somewhere and not make it a home.  We don’t know how “temporary” our stay here is, so I’m just going to make some simple things that will make me happy. And one of those things will be some little curtains for the kitchen.  With new light apple green walls, cream cabinets, and a darker countertop, the kitchen actually shows some promise (instead of the forest green travesty it was before….seriously).  I already had these baskets and I realized that a little Rainy Days and Mondays will make the perfect kitchen curtains.


Then I’ll just find a couple of cute other accessories and call it a day in there.  I’m not supposed to obsess about it. 😉  Ha.  You all know me too well to believe that.

So that’s a glimpse at life here.  Every room is pretty much like that.  Something is put together and organized well and the other things are still laying out trying to find a home.  I’m kind of hoping that Cinderella’s mice might come and clean it up while I’m sleeping.

I think it could happen…


Oh and don’t forget to tune in on the 17th for the premiere of my first Moda Bakeshop Quilt!!  We’ll be having a fun giveaway too courtesy of The Fat Quarter Shop!

15 thoughts on “Adaptations”

  1. i know what you mean about cinderella's mice. my husband is extremely messy and never really puts anything away, so it's like we're constantly living in a transitional state.

    good luck with getting everything put together!

  2. Super cute nook! It looks pretty organized, and those shelves and thread rack, and bins are such eye candy! Like Tim Gunn says, you've made it work!

  3. You are making it work for you and that's great. I have to ask though when you sew at a desk like that is it ok for quilting and working on a big quilt – do you find you have enough space?

  4. Looking good! You'll be up and sewing in no time.

    It's always so hard to find a home for the little bits and pieces. I've been known to throw things out because I can't figure out where to put them 😉

  5. Great job Angela! I love your sewing nook and your 'problem' bookshelf looks tidy compared to my sewing room. I can't wait to see your Moda Bakeshop quilt.

  6. Your sewing space looks great!! Sometimes small can be good – it makes you put something away before you start something else. And you might try a curtain over that "messy" bookcase – it might help clear the visual clutter and keep Caitlyn out of it!

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