After Easter Sunday (aka Back to Quilting)

Well, I’m a little farther behind with one of my bees than I would like to be, but I’m getting there.  Now don’t be confused about the block here…yes, yesterday was Easter, not Christmas.  But Karen loves Christmas, so we’re making Christmas blocks in the Spring.  Really, she’s the smart one because she’ll actually have her Christmas quilt ready for the season!

After Easter Sunday

There are some rolling hills of snow with some sledding (scooting), a lake for ice skating, a gnome/elf hiding in the woods…and of course a helpful sign letting you know where you are.  I had fun putting this together and pulling all the different fabrics together.  The only thing I wanted to do, but didn’t have an easy enough way, was add an ice skater to the pond.  So Karen, feel free to add that! lol.  I still have another block to do, but I know what I’m going to make.  So it should be done soon.

Just a close-up on the block.

After Easter Sunday

And I’ve been working on a quit design that I will show you soon!  I had a moment of inspiration and enough of a push to work on something new.  You know…because I don’t have enough to do.  But this one is already basted and ready to be quilted.  I hope to have it finished this week.

But that brings me to my current thoughts.  I whipped out the new quilt with fabrics that wouldn’t destroy me if my idea was crap (I hope its not!).  And I’m already thinking of remaking it or rather making another one.  And I’m considering using some of my favorite fabrics that would be virtually impossible to replace.  So once I use them, that’s it.  This is the project that they will be in and I won’t be able to use them in another larger quilt.

And you know what?

I think I’m okay with that.

But it’s a little scary for me.  I admit to feeling slightly embarrassed over my nervousness to use them. (I’m thinking of using my yardage of the Mendocino swimming sisters.)  I know logically that not only do I have enough fabric in my stash to make 50 of these quilts, but also that IT IS JUST FABRIC!  I’m constantly falling in love with new fabrics, but I’m concerned about using what I have.

So my question for you all…what would make you use your favorite fabrics?  Do you use them right away or stash them waiting for the “perfect” project?  Are you worried about wasting them or do you cut with abandon?  Or do you think that I’m a loon for loving fabrics so much that I won’t use them?  Be kind if you think that last one. 😉

16 thoughts on “After Easter Sunday (aka Back to Quilting)”

  1. if wanting to hold onto your favorite fabric for the perfect project is loony, then sign me up for the loony club too! I just love the feeling of having the fabric and looking at know, doing the 'my precious!'…. LOL

  2. I have two fabric piles that I cannot seem to bring myself to cut into. Meadowsweet (and meadowsweet 2) and Hope Valley. I have actually just started to use some of my Meadowsweet, about a fifth of my pile. I have never even cut an inch off any of my Hope Valley. I just love it so much! I am waitig for the perfect project (like there isn't at least a hundred gorgeous quilts on the internets using Hope Valley that I could use for inspiration). Yes, I am crazy!

  3. I rarely buy fabric with a specific project in mind, so it usually sits for a while, with me pulling it out occasionally to gaze at it! However, even with my very, very favourite fabrics I have found that, as long as I know the quilt or whatever I'm going to make is going to be staying with me, then I'm ok about using it. I do still feel a little sad when it's all used up, though!

  4. I must admit that it is hard to use my favorite fabrics but I try to tell myself, if not now, when? Will they be sitting there for my children to sell off in my later years? so cut into those puppies and just enjoy them now and later in a beautiful quilt!

  5. Funny you should ask – I'm kind of dealing with that at the moment. MoMo's Wonderland was the first fabric line I ever totally fell in love with, and I almost have every single print right now – I've been promising myself I would make a quilt with it all once I collect all of it, a quilt that will remind me of when I started sewing/quilting and have lots of memories associated with it. Problem is – I'm afraid I'll ruin them! So I've made a ton of sketches, but nothing I'm gung ho about getting started on. 🙁

    I love your block for Karen, it's adorable!!! I'm sure she will adore it too 🙂

  6. Yes, I do the same thing. I have a stack of Freshcut and a stack of Garden Party waiting for just the right pattern. I am starting to use more of my fabric with abandon. I am starting to get better about cutting into fabric, but those two lines are still waiting for just the right projects (which changes in my head every few weeks).

  7. This post just reminded me that I used the last of some of my favorites. Thankfully, I can still find it. I have a stash of Japanese fabric that I am saving for a special project.

  8. I use my favorites pretty regularly, but I have to force myself to do it. I do get anxiety when I'm using up the last of it and I'll start saving smaller and smaller scraps just to keep having some around… yeah, if you're a loon, then so am I!

  9. I also use my favorites with abandon. I'm more nervous about not using things! But, I don't judge people who feel differently. Perhaps it plays in that I've never bought hard-to-find fabrics =)

  10. I have some fabrics that I can't bear to use either. I also have some newer ones that I use and then buy again so I'll still have some for later! Why does fabric have such power over us?

  11. If I felt the way you do about my fabric AND it was super hard to find now etc. etc., I'd still use it, but I'd use it in something I would definitely be keeping. I don't tend to buy or collect full lines, but I do have certain bits that I love. And I do plan to use them in something for MEMEME!

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