And the very lucky winner is….!!!!

That is: kritta22

Congratulations!!! And it looks from her blog that her husband shares the same birthday as my little one…so that’s pretty cool too!

But naughty girl…you didn’t tell me which bundle you want. Come on people…next time we do this you need to remember to tell me which bundle you would like. 😉 (hint. hint.)

Thank you to everyone who entered! We reached an amazing 499 entries! Yay for you all! You’re making me feel popular (even though I know you all just have a fabric obsession like I do!).

Just for the curious, we were very low-key for Caitlyn’s birthday. First, we were horrible parents and actually took her to get her vaccinations on the morning of her birthday. (I know. I know…but the doctor had a first-morning appointment on that day and I only called a week before!) So poor baby got 4 shots. But then we were nice (if not cheap parents LOL) and took her to the mall where the kiddos can actually ride a little train this time of year around a huge miniature train set up. It’s pretty cool. We thought she was a little young to ride by herself, so I got in the train with her (note: with one hip in at a time! this train is built for Toddlers!). She definitely enjoyed that! The rest of the day was pretty busy because we had a friend come into town and was staying with us, but we managed to get away the next day and take her on her very first trip to the zoo! They have a petting zoo area and discovery zone, so she got to pet a baby alligator, a porcupine, and lots of sheep and goats. She definitely enjoyed that!!! I must confess that I was quite popular amongst the goats myself. Who knew? LOL.

I have a one-year-old!!! I can’t believe it! Woohoo!


6 thoughts on “And the very lucky winner is….!!!!”

  1. Congratulations to kritta22!
    Sounds like you all had a wonderful day & extended time the next day!
    Don't feel bad, my oldest daughters 1st birthday was spent having surgery to put tubes in her ears since they wanted to wait til she was a year old, I made sure it was asap! LOL

  2. Oh I flickr mailed you!!

    I'm so grounded I didn't mention which one I wanted. I honestly didn't think I'd win soooo I didn't take the time to decide which one I liked better!! LOL

    Next time, I promise to make my requests clear!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  3. You are great parents! Shots just mean you love her even more 🙂
    Sounds like a fun day, the first birthday is the best birthday! They are all great but not quite like that one.

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