Another giveaway! And so soon…Anyone want a girl on a swing?

*the giveaway is now closed*

Well to be honest I didn’t think that I would be parting with this sweet little quilt so quickly, but the perfect opportunity to give it away is coming up and that happens to be my 31st birthday! It’s on Friday! Wow! So soon! Anyway, I think that it is the style of the hobbits if I recall to give away gifts on their own birthday…not that I’m a hobbit. But I think it is a lovely idea and I would love someone to be super excited about my birthday! LOL.

Another giveaway!  And so soon...Anyone want a girl on a swing?

So what do you need to do to get this girl? Well, I’m sorry but it’s not going to be random. This took me a bit of work and there is a little piece of my heart in it, so I want to make sure that the person who gets it is the person who really wants it the most. Just so you don’t think I’ll have personal preference for anyone, I’ll get my husband to help me make a decision…he certainly has no idea who anyone is! LOL.

So leave me a comment telling me why you should get this quilt. I love to laugh, so humor is a plus ;), but I appreciate any reason. I just want this to be appreciated where ever it ends up.

I’ll end the drawing on my birthday at midnight central time (Friday July 2nd) and make the decision the next day! But it will be a happy birthday to me to read why someone might want something that I’ve made…so thank you in advance for that!

53 thoughts on “Another giveaway! And so soon…Anyone want a girl on a swing?”

  1. I think I need the quilt the most because:

    1. We could use it to swaddle your daughter when we babysit for y'all on your birthday
    2. You could see the piece of your heart again whenever you wish by walking two doors down
    3. You keep your house nice and cool in the summer and when I come help work on iTunes (for you, Mike, are you paying attention? Need your vote here!) I'll need a nice little cover for my chilled legs…

  2. Oh, oh, oh! I can't believe you're going to give it away! I visited your blog over the weekend and fell in love! I read every detail, how you changed the dress, how you love her red hair, how you had to take stitches out for the tree limbs, the sweet backing fabric… I stayed up last night sewing till 11:30, and with bleary eyes just HAD to take another look at her before I went to bed. Then this morning again I looked at her wistfully. Soooo, I would love to own her all for myself! And I have just the right spot for her in my sewing room. Sorry I can't be funny – owning this little quilt is serious business for me! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win, and I love your blog, too.

  3. First of all, Happy Birthday for Friday! I absolutely love my birthday (no matter the number!) so I wish you all the best for yours.

    Why should I get Girl on a Swing? Besides the fact that I am totally and completely, head over heels in love with her? Okay, here goes:

    I would display Girl on a Swing in my office, for a couple different reasons. 1. I spend most of my waking hours here each weekday (that Lottery thing hasn't quite worked out for me…yet) so I like to beautify my space as much as possible. 2. My job sometimes involves some unpopular decisions – I approve (or don't approve) business loans for a living, so people have a view of me as stern and unyielding. So I like to personalize my workspace as much as possible to "humanize" me a wee bit so people don't have to be scared of me. Not that a little fear isn't a good motivator….

    ANYWAY, I'm a new follower of your blog and I'm really enjoying it. Thanks for that, and for this wonderful giveaway!

  4. I would love love to win this little quiltie! As I mentioned before I've been wanting to do one myself but between work and wedding planning have fallen a bit behind on the crafting front. But the real reason is that it would the perfect kick in the butt for my fiance to finish his Christmas gift to me which is to repaint my sewing room a cheerful color! So it would a happy birthday to you and a belated Merry Christmas to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Since I have given up on winning things I at least wanted to wish you a very happy birthday…lol, although that wall hanging is super duper cute! Oh and Hubby, please take my online friend to dinner someplace nice for her birthday!!!! (maybe change a diaper or two)

    I know, sorry attempt to explain why I need that wall hanging. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey, I couldn't think of anything creative to say.

  6. i read your previous post about making this quilt and then went to look at Aneela's
    Why should I win?? well I love green but more than that I'd love to be celebrating my 31st birthday again!- mine was 5 days before I got married and 23 years ago!!!
    Happy Birthday for Friday!


  7. I'm just sitting down with a yummy dessert (after a very healthy dinner; salad with Salmon) reading your blog. I absolutely love your little girl . . .
    I have two daughters and they used to have a swing just like yours! It would mean sooooooooo much to me to be lucky enough to have a wonderful reminder of my girls on their swing!!!

  8. Well, I don't know if I need the quilt more than someone else, but I will tell you that not only will I hang it in my new sewing room (in the design stages at this very moment); but but that it will be my inspiration piece in that sewing room and this is why:

    a) it's so lovely and light and carefree that it makes me smile just to look at it

    b) it will daily remind me of something very important. As someone who is finding my way as textile artist and contemporary quilter, I had only recently (in the last few days) decided that once my WIPS were done, I was going to move away from traditional patterns and "patchwork".

    Your little quilt has taught me that patchwork and pattern can still be re-interpreted in fresh and modern ways.

    Whether I win your quilt or not, that is, indeed, a gift.

    Thank you!

  9. Alrighty, I'm not going to enter this contest for myself–I've won enough, though I really love this and would be happy to give it a home. I'm going to enter on behalf of Amy (alliekatmom). She is my Flickr BFF and is always so excited for me to win, which has been often. However, I think I would be really annoyed if a friend kept winning and I never won. How unfair!!! Amy is a real sweetheart who is always generous with her time and fabric. She is currently remodeling her sewing area and I think this little mini would really help make her sewing space special not to mention make her happy. Who doesn't want to see their friends happy? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Birthday Angela, thanks for the giveaway, and pick AMY!!!!!!!

  10. Well, I've been told I have no sense of humor, so I don't think I could successfully appeal to your comic side. I could try for the sympathy vote. I've been off from work since March break and am now in the process of applying for disability. Truly though I could assure you that I would treasure such a gift as I am also a quilter.
    Green is my favorite color too!

  11. Happy Birthday to you! This quilt is absolutely wonderful, and you were truly inspired by someone else's idea to morph it into your own! Now, isn't that better than just saying that "I like it and want to hang it prominently on my wall!" It is difficult to think of something better than Bill R's comment to your DH Mike. Have a wonderful 31st birthday on Friday.

  12. Well first off, Happy Birthday! Second, I really do love that quilt and think that you should send it on this way, in order to save me the time it would take to make my own ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Oh- I love that you are doing a giveaway and I love that you are giving it away based on whose comment you (or your husband) likes best! Ok, so here are my reasons…

    1. This is the first (and only so far!) quilt that I have favorited in the DQS9 pool.
    2. I like yours better than the original inspiration quilt.
    3. It would be coming to a home where it would be well loved by a little girl. She loves dolls, she loves babies, and she would love looking at the girl on the swing and making up stories about her.

  14. This is such a beautiful quilt and when I look at it, the little girl looks just like red-haired Julia Gillard, who became Australia's Prime Minister this week. I'd love to display it in our foyer to let all our family and visitors know that we now live in a country where little red-haired girls can sit on a swing and truly dream of the day when they'll grow up and become Prime Minister!

  15. A very happy birthday to you! You are very generous to give away this lovely quilt! I am not even going to give you any reasons why it should go to me as there are so many deserving people it could go to… I am not going to try and compete! I just simply love it and appreciate all the work you put in so wanted to tell you that and wish you happy birthday!

  16. Hi!

    I don't want to enter the giveaway, as I don't think it is fair as I just found your blog and this happens to be the very first post that I ready from you and the first comment that I leave. I just want to say that I think it is a great thing that you are giving a present on your birthday. When I was in school we had a similar tradition and it was called Thanksgiving day, not the American Thanksgiving tradition, but it was the birthday of the headmistress and it was a great and fun day and it was about giving thanks, and she would sort of through a party/festival as a present to say Thank you to the rest of the school. I love it and many years letter I still say thanks on my birthday and give presents to love ones.

    Wish you a lovely birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I love this little quilt. It reminds me of the swings we had in our back yard when I was a child in the 50's(giving away my age here.:) We had lots of tress and bushes in the yard , so all the greens remind of that too.
    So generous of you to give away this darling little quilt!
    Have a Great Birthday on Friday, hope your hubby takes you someplace special. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    How sweet is this! I am not going to beg and plead to get this, just wanted to let you know that it is beautiful and you are so nice to give it away – I wouldn't be able to part with it. Happy Birthday!

  19. Happy birthday! Aren't July birthdays the best?

    What an amazing quilt! My cousin – the only attendant in my wedding – is due with a baby girl on July 12, my 31st birthday. She is the closest thing I have to a sister. This would be perfect for her daughter.

    Tangential swing-related slightly humorous rambling: When my cousin and I were little, we used to go up North to a resort where my grandparents had a condo. We would play on the swings (which unfortunately led to a leech-infested lake) and also commandeer the golf carts our parents were using. (It took me a long time to realize that leaving my mom with one club when she didn't need them all, only one at a time, was maybe not a good idea… But we did learn that when you take the keys out of a golf cart with it still in the on position, you can still drive it!) We haven't been back since the lodge restaurant burnt down. We were in the sauna in the lodge, which is strictly prohibited for 9-year-olds. We heard a really loud alarm and thought we were busted for being in the sauna. Turns out it was the fire alarm, but we were convinced they had upgraded the security on the sauna and had the alarm throughout the building to send the massive (non-existent) security staff after us! Everyone was fine, it was a small kitchen fire, but shut down the rest

    So, your beautiful quilt could go to a new baby girl and help remind me and her mom of the rule-breaking times we had as children. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Have a fabulous birthday on Friday, hope it's extra special, your giveaway certainly is!

    My little girl IS 'Girl on the Swing' – she'd have me push her all day if she could but has to make do with an hour or so! I've had to watch her limp to the play park for a long time but some recent treatment means she can now skip and dance as she sings on her way, which makes my heart soar. She loves to tuck her dolls up with quilts. I aim to buy handmade where possible and am trying to make things myself. Your gorgeous quilt would be inspirational to a novice quilter and used and loved by a little girl who often says "I so lucky" with a big smile!

  21. Isn't it funny how when I get asked to come up with a reason why I want something, I can never think of anything fun, exciting or reasonable, so I guess I won't get seen with a green quilt all the way in Australia…so I'll just wish you a very happy birthday, you youngster you! Hope you have a wonderful day on Friday. Hugs Naomi

  22. May I please plead again for Amy (alliekatmom)? We were swapping some fabrics this week and she sent me a STUNNING mini quilt made with Anna Maria Horner voile for no reason other than she knew I would love it. I about died with happiness. Pretty please pick Amy! She is so kind and giving I'd really like her to win your super duper awesome mini!
    Happy birthday to the coolest mini maker!

  23. Happy Birthday!

    I LOVE this cute little quilt! Not just because it's a bunch of sweet fabric pattern goodness (love all the bits & pieces), but also because it brings back a very funny memory of my childhood.
    To make a long story short, we didn't have many swings in the neighbourhood park. So when all the girls would go out to play, sometimes we would double up on the swings, and sit on one anothers laps (we were no more than 6 or 7 years old, so we didn't weigh too much).
    Well, one of my best friends and I were laughing so hard on the swing, that she peed her pants on my lap! Talk about funny & embarrassing! To this day I have never let her live that down. We still giggle uncontrollably everytime we remember that story.
    So, this quilt with the cute little swing, would be a lovely reminder on my wall of friendship, & the gift of a sense of humor ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Firstly and mostly…"Hippo Birdie Two Ewes"!:) We also have many July birthdays in our family with July 4, 11, 18, and 26 being bday celebrations for us.

    I would cherish your lovely wee mini because it reminds me of our daughter Maria who is leaving on Aug 3 ^sniff^ to go across the pond to Oxford Brookes University going for her grad degree in Creative Writing. It reminds me of the sticks and leaves and flowers that she would gather to make little fairies that would then have little kingdoms at the base of our wild cherry tree. Just the other day I found remnants of those kingdoms, broken seashells and rocks piled in circles and a concrete bunny missing one ear still there 13 years after last playing pretend…but then again she has never left imaginationland…she now creates them in stories and the concrete bunny missing one ear now lives in the new veggie garden…with the piles of rocks and seashells!;)

  25. I can't believe you are giving away this little wonder! I don't really believe I deserve your beautiful piece any more than anyone else, I just wanted to let you know that I love it! And thank you for reminding me about this tutorial. I love how you interpreted it. And I love your "tutorials I want to try" list. What a great idea. I might have to put that on my blog as opposed to the random bookmarking that I have in my "crafting" bookmark folder of Firefox that is about 1,000 links long. Happy birthday!!

  26. First of all, Happy Birthday. July birthdays are the best (mine is on the 10th)! You've given me the inspiration to give something away on my birthday too. Hmmm…what can I whip up in a week?

    Anyway, I just adore this little quilt. I have red hair, although this girl seems to be rockin' a style that I envy…can you have hair envy about someone who's not a real person? I'm totally digging on that dress too…looks like caining (sp?) on an old chair. And, as it turns out, Granny Smith apple green is my favorite color in the world. I'd love to have a big tree in my backyard just like this one where my kids can swing and giggle while I look on from the kitchen window. Lovely quilt!

  27. What an awesome quilt! I've always loved to swing, and just looking at this quilt makes me intensely happy and nostalgic.

    I have had two horrible experiences involving swings in the past. The first was when I was around 10 years old. I turned round and round twisting the chain around itself so that when I let go I would spin really fast around in a circle. Somehow my hair, which was really long at the time, got caught in the upper part of the chain with the momentum of the twirling and with each spin I was jerked violently by the hair of my head. I almost got a physical lesson on the phrase "snatched baldheaded." Of course this was not funny to me at all at the time, but remembering it now does paint a rather comical picture.

    The other incident almost wrecked my marriage (okay, I'm exaggerating just a wee bit). My husband built our children a swing set on a concrete slab in our back yard where a building had once stood. He knows how much I love to swing so upon completion he asked me to try it out. However, he forgot to close the hooks that held the chains of the swing, and when I really got to going high the chains flew right off the hooks. The swing and I went free flying through the air and came down in a very ugly crash landing. My husband tried hard to overcome the total fit of laughter and act concerned for my safety, but he just couldn't quite make it. Needless to say I was very undone with him, and was also in quite a bit of pain.

    Having had such traumatic experiences still hasn't dampened my love of swinging, and winning this quilt I'm sure would help to ease some of the pain inflicted by swings in my past.

  28. This is such a gorgeous quilt! I would love to win it for my daughter so that I could hang it up in her room. One of her favorite activities is to go on the swing at the park (especially when daddy pushes her way up high)! He always tells her to reach up high to touch the stars when he does this and I think that this quilt would be the perfect reminder for our daddy's little girl ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway and who ever wins it will truly have a special gift to treasure always!

  29. WHy should I win? Because it is ME on this quilt! same hair style, same colour, even have a dress like that! Its freaky!! Happy birthday too. ;0

  30. Happy birthday, the reason why I should get the quilt?
    I think there are a million persons who will have a better reason than me, but if I receive this little quilt, it will go to a very special little girl I know that will undergo (again) a big opertation and who loves these quilts and other handmade things;
    When she was very critical I made her a quilt with drawings of all our friends, but now two years later, again, she has to go to hospital and she would love this wonderful quilt.

  31. I love green, i love trees, i love pure air… and your quilt reminde me these things!
    And it 's so green! I love it!
    And i think Portugal will be beautiful with your quilt in my house (in Portugal) ;o)

    Did i tell you i love green? Green?

  32. So darlin I can't stand it.

    Now why should i get it more than anyone else…


    I'll Pout If I don't Win!
    I'll Make my husband hear my whining about not winning endlessly…(you could save him from that)
    THE CAREFREE FEEL OF THIS LOVELY LITTLE GEM MAKES ME SWOON (i are thinking i sound like i may always be a little loopy…well i'm tellin you, looking at this adorable quilt makes me even loopier)

    In a sincerity…i'm the momma of 3 grown girls..and now blessed with a wee baby girl grandchild…and I see them when i see your little beauty!

    thanks for the chance

  33. That is a beautiful little quilt! I love the colours and the fabrics, and it is so whimsical. I would love to have it to hang above where my little daughter sleeps. I love that it is pretty but not too girly. Right now, she's only 7 months, but she loves to wake up and just look around for 20 min. or so before she tells us she's awake. I think it would be wonderful for her to have a picture of a happy little girl smiling back at her when she wakes up.

    We're just about to move, and we'll probably be in a 2 bedroom condo with 3 kids, so she's going to be in our room for quite a while (her brothers will share the other room). It would be nice for her to have something that is "hers" in the midst of mom and dad's space.

  34. WOW! i'm salivating just looking at it!!I would be SO exited If I won this quilt.I have just entered the wonderful world of quilting (have began a quilted pillow and will be posting it to my blog when its done.) Your quilt has honestly got to be the most beautiful quilt I've ever seen!!! Its so fresh and bright and im in love with every piece of fabric you have used. You can see the love that's gone into making it. It would be cherished by me, and my little girl and would be something we would keep forever. My mother still has my baby blanket and when Im over there I still use it to cover my legs when im on the sofa (her house is very cold!) I would love to have the chance to win this blanket to use the same way for my children and my childrens children.

    The little girl on the front reminds me of myself when I was a little girl Im a redhead and remember having a dress just like that! My parents didnt have much money and the neighbours next door didnt have any children but they did have a rusty old swing frame in their garden which they kindly offered to my parents. So my dad made a seat from some wood and rope and my sister raided the garage for some metal paints and very carefully created this beautiful multi coloured swing with red and yellow stripes and spots, it took her 3 days to finish painting and it looked brilliant when finally compleated. I adored it. (I must find the photograph I have of it) Whilst swinging high one day it suddenly snapped and I fell to the floor, with a thud.:-( sadly, it was broken beyond repair, but the memories of the love that went into making it and painting it stay with me.

    I would be honoured to win such a beautiful quilt. Truely.

    A beautiful quilt like this would be cherished for ever, and would also inspire me to take the plunge into making a quilt and seeing every detail of how it "should" be done would be valuable

  35. oh cripes, it's hard to sound anything other than greedy but here i go:

    I am in the quaggy mires of building (ahem) my first quilt and i think seeing this everyday will serves as inspiration for when teh going (inevitably) get tough.