Aprons on Moda Bakeshop

Well they posted the aprons over at Moda Bakeshop and are asking everyone which one is their favorite.  I’ve seen that a few of you faithful followers have sweetly left comments about mine over there.  Thank you!!

Hop on over and check out the aprons and tell them which one you like the best.  And I promise that it is totally fine if you like another one better.  Just please be kind regardless of which one you like the most.  I am really trying to have a generous heart throughout this competition and I know that there is a way to write a comment about which one you like without trashing the others.  (I have a LOT I want to say on that but I’m leaving it there)

We find out tonight who makes it onto the next round!  In the meantime, I’ll be working on my tutorial for my Inspiration board for the audition round.  Hopefully I can just whip that out.


17 thoughts on “Aprons on Moda Bakeshop”

  1. Agreed, with what you have said and not said. I think that it is very brave of all the candidates, including the auditions, to participate in a challenge like this and I am so impressed with all the projects. Your apron is beautiful, and the other two are as well. I wish the judges luck.

  2. Are you kidding??? Your apron is impressive. And the picture you took with it is perfect! So I thought it was awesome, and then I saw the little details you put into it…. amazing creativity. I am not saying that you don't have some competition, I understand your worry, but seriously, you made a rockin' apron! Good luck!!

  3. They're all beautiful and creative but I really do like yours best. The smocking at the top is gorgeous! And you used a French General print, which captured my heart 😉

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