Bee Blocks Galore! – Part 2!

Well I did promise to share with you all the other bee blocks that I have made. It’s taken me a bit to find a moment to do that. I’m actually trying to sew! What a concept! lol. But I’ll show you what I finished recently, so then later I can show you what I’m working on currently. 😉

I have three more blocks to share with you today and two of them feature some raw edge applique. As much as I would like to piece some things, sometimes that is just not possible for me.

First up are the two blocks that I made for Mary for Bee Modern Too. She is making her son a quilt based on the Percy Jackson lightening thief series. So fun! What a cool mom! If you haven’t read the books I would really recommend them. They are a great read and something you could probably read along with your kids too. If you’ve seen the movie and think that it was rubbish…well, you’re pretty on target. It started out strong, but I don’t even know what they were thinking by the end. I HATE when people say, “oh the book is so much better than the movie”. But seriously…it is!

So we had free reign along with some basic fabrics to create some type of mythology blocks. Mary had some unicorns from Heather Ross’ FFA 1 but she only had the magenta ones. Well, I don’t mind adding a magenta one to my stash, so I offered to switch it out for a green unicorn from the same line. Just to provide some variety with the unicorns she’ll get back and to man it up a bit. 😉

Bee Blocks Galore! - Part 2

As you can see I did a “wonky” log cabin with a fussy cut unicorn. Mary had sent all the other fabrics, so I wanted to be sure to use them in this block because i knew I would be deviating from them in my other block. I’m a big fan of straight wonky log cabins if that makes sense. It makes my brain happier. 😉

Then I wanted to be the overachiever that you know and (hopefully!) love. I decided to do a block that featured a winged shoe. If you ever read the books or see the movie you’ll see the significance of these to the story…but I won’t ruin it for you if not. I originally wanted to paper piece this. So I spent all kinds of time trying to draw up a block for paper piecing…but yeah…that didn’t happen. I didn’t like where it was going. Crazy town…that’s where it was going.

So instead I pulled out the raw edge applique trick and “cheated” to get a nice shoe and foot!

Bee Blocks Galore! - Part 2

I added the fabrics in layers first and then top stitched with either a clear thread or a dark grey thread for contrast. I’m reasonably happy with how it turned it out. I see what I would do differently, but that’s okay. I always have to remember that my blocks will be one or two among many. So I don’t need to obsess over them.

So here they are together! I can’t wait to see all her blocks come together and see this quilt!

Bee Blocks Galore! - Part 2

Then I made a block for Lucinda in Busy Bees. And let me tell you, I think that this is the hardest block to let go of that I’ve ever made. Now that doesn’t mean that you’ll love it like I do…but it got my brain a whirling in a way that it has not been for a while.

Lucinda wanted us all to make a block with the theme windows. She had a lovely mosaic of different very European architectural windows. And she is getting some really fab blocks from everyone! It’s so fun when that happens!

So I found a fabric in my stash that looks “old world” without being too crazy and used that for my “wall”. And then I used her basics she sent to create the window. A simple window that reminds me of the long windows here in New Orleans. But then inspiration struck and I knew what to do next….

Bee Blocks Galore! - Part 2

I’m ridiculously in love with this couple. Oh how sweet they are.

Bee Blocks Galore! - Part 2

I just love that I have an emotional reaction when I look at this block. It’s like we’re peering in a private moment and seeing something special. Sigh. I guess I’m just a romantic at heart.

Bee Blocks Galore! - Part 2

oh that is hard to say good bye to!

And I wanted to end today with a little montage to my Pretty in Pink Bee. You might recall that I said that the bee is now over. Well the lovely Sylvia who ran the bee had a mosaic on her blog of all the blocks she made for the bee…and I loved the idea so much I told her I was stealing it. 😉 So be prepared for some pink!

Bee Blocks Galore! - Part 2

11 thoughts on “Bee Blocks Galore! – Part 2!”

  1. Great looking blocks. I myself moved from NOLA to Raleigh, North Cackalacka almost 10 years ago. If you don't mind, what exactly is a quilting bee?

  2. to @pril: These are quilting bees that are formed online between members all over the world. There are many different formats, but a basic version is 12 people commit to 12 months of making a block or two for one person in the group each month. So by the end of the year everyone has a collection of blocks and can make a quilt! The online community on Flickr is a great place to find out more about these. 🙂

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