Bee Modern Blocks

I took a break from my current quilt to work on the Blocks for Bee Modern for April. I’m not quite sure what is going on with February and March…we never received any fabric for those months. But maybe we will in April. That would be ironic wouldn’t it? Jane sent us authentic Japanese fabric given to her by her brother and let us cut away into it. She wanted modern, symmetrical, improv blocks. Most of the fabric was navy graphic prints, but there was a small bit of red that she wanted used very minimally in the block. The blocks are 12.5″ square.

I found myself a bit befuddled by her description of what she wanted for some reason…I think I struggle with being both symmetrical and improvisational at the same time. Plus with all the navy prints, I found it difficult to find a pattern that would really show off the different fabrics instead of blending them all together. But hey, that’s why I do these bees…for the challenge of working with someone else’s fabric and guidelines. I’m always amazed at what comes from it and what I learn. I inevitably design an extra block that I don’t end up doing (usually because I don’t have the right fabric amounts) but that gives me ideas for blocks for other bees. So it’s all good. But enough chatter…here’s what I made this time!

I think that the faded wood steps look vaguely Japanese in nature, so I really liked them as a background for these pictures

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  1. I had some of the same questions about doing these blocks this month, but the inspiration photos she posted helped a lot. I really liked yours–they're so different from one another and both really interesting and fun to look at 🙂

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