Bees and Swaps oh My!

Well I finally had to make out a schedule for all my bees and swaps because I’ve gone a little nuts and I’m involved in a bunch of things. Plus it helps me keep track of my goals for the year.
So here it is!

2010-2011 Bees and Swaps Schedule

Busy Bees – June 2010
Pretty in Pink Bee – August 2010
Ravishing in Red Bee – September 2010
Bee Modern Too – April 2011
Bee Liberated – May 2011
Bee {a little bit} Japanese – July 2011

Doll Quilt Swap – earliest send out August 15th, due by Sept 8th
Modern Swappers – due Sept 1st
3 x 6 Bee – 3rd Quarter: July 1st – Sept 15th
4th Quarter: due Dec 15th

Paint Box Quilt Along
Zig Zag 2010 challenge
Quilt as you go quilt
Asterisk Quilt Along

Oh yeah…and there are some projects of my own that I want to do!

But let me tell you, there are some fun perks to all these bees! I meet some great people and they are so sweet and generous! Just in the last couple of weeks I’ve been blessed with so many people’s generosity!

Kaelin from Bee a Little bit japanese gave everyone in the group some of her precious Heather Ross scraps. Considering how many people hoard these, I can’t believe how generous she was to share!


Gretchen from Bee Modern saw a print that I posted earlier and had some prints that matched. She gave them both to me with the fabric for the Bee Modern swap this month. Sooo sweet!


Lucinda from Busy Bees was so sweet to send me a large piece of blue ribbons Katie Jump Rope Fabric to help finish my quilt! Now I know you all know how darling that is! And look at the amazing block she made me!


A close up of those tiny geese! They are an amazing 1″ x 1/2″ inch!


So come one….aren’t bees the greatest?! So many sweet and generous people!

Oh yeah…and I almost forgot. I’ve been doing some blocks of my own for other people too.

For Kate for Busy Bees, she send us a bunch of red scraps and wanted 6.5″ 9 nine patch blocks with white in the center. They were easy and quick, so I ended up making 6 for her. Overachievers anonymous is calling for my membership renewal….


she sent some flea market fancy that was so fun to see in person! She was sweet and after I mentioned how much I loved seeing it, she said I could keep it, but I’d already used most of it for her blocks. But I have a couple of tiny scraps that I’m hoarding!


And there was this sweet print with the little girl that I just had to fussy cut to get her centered on the block!


And then for Kaelin for Bee {a little bit} Japanese, I made my very first spider web blocks with linen and a bunch of her lovely scraps. Having just made a string quilt, this method wasn’t too different from that so they came together fairly easily. Just have to watch out for all those bias edges! And this was the first time that I used my rotating cutting mat and I LOVE IT!!! It has changed the way that I quilt! Go get one, everyone! Joanne’s is having quilting and cutting things %50 off over the 4th of July! So no excuses! Trust me on this!



The two together! This will be gorgeous!!!



4 thoughts on “Bees and Swaps oh My!”

  1. Wow! Those are the most amazing teeny tiny flying geese I've ever seen!

    Sounds like you're a busy quilter. I'm only in one bee right now. It's my first and I'm trying not to overcommit. I can see it's addicting!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who joins a lot of bees and groups! You have way more than I do and I know I feel overwhelmed sometimes. I don't know how you do it! Great work on your blocks and nice score with the lovely gifts from fellow bee members! 🙂

  3. love those mini flying geese! I am sure u are just lovin' that block!

    your spiderweb blocks came out gorgeous…I agree, her quilt is going to be amazing. kate's red 9 patch blocks are adorable also. I am in 3 bee's right now and 2 swaps. it is fun, but I do try to limit how much I join, only because I don't get too much time to sew….too many kiddos!!

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