Bees, bees, nothing but bees…

Well I’ve been hard at work finishing up my September bee blocks. I finally have my swap commitments done and before the next round of swaps begin I want to get some work done of projects of my own. What a concept! LOL. But before I get to those, I needed to get some sewing done for others.

First up, the Pretty in Pink Bee (see the link in my sidebar). It’s exactly what it sounds like…we make blocks out of pink fabrics! I joined this one because I realized that I was growing a stash of pink fabrics and didn’t seem to use them that often. Are you all afraid of pink people? Use it! It’s fun and liberating and makes me want to break into the song “I enjoy being a girl!”. I really love our palette of pinks and greys this month. The theme was strings and we could interpret that in any way that we wanted.

So first I made a fairly traditional string block. I played with the gradation of colors and I really enjoyed how it turned out. I can definitely imagine a whole quilt made like this! I deliberately only had the center cream fabric match up around the block.

Angela Pingel September bee blocks

Then, she had also sent along the large scrap of fabric tree panel and I didn’t want to cut it up. Instead, I chose to frame it in “strings”. A looser interpretation of the idea, but I liked how this one turned out too. The fabrics all just matched so well, it made me very happy. LOL.

Angela Pingel September bee blocks

So here they are together…the beginnings of the makings of a very pretty and pink quilt!

Angela Pingel September bee blocks

Next it was on to my Bee Liberated group. This is usually a very free and “liberating” bee because perfect is not even wanted. It’s all about winging it and being off kilter. But I have to admit, that I was either too liberated or couldn’t get in the mind frame on this one. I can’t tell. The whole time I was making these blocks I kept thinking “fact or crap?” LOL. Luckily the person they are made for loves them…so it all worked out. But I’ve realized that it’s hard to go from teeny tiny detail and precise work like the Harold quilt to free piecing.

The theme was hugs and kisses or x’s and o’s. I had lots of ideas…but this is what came out! 😉

Block one… liberated x and appliqued scrappy pieced o.

Angela Pingel September bee blocks

Block two…this is the one that did me in! LOL. It’s kind of cool and kind of not. I can’t decide.

Angela Pingel September bee blocks

Then I put them together and remind myself that they will be in a quilt filled with other liberated blocks and I’m sure that they’ll look just fine there among blocks of its kind. They need to be with their own kind! LOL.

Angela Pingel September bee blocks

And on that note, I leave you to think about whether you could make pink blocks for a year or create liberated blocks for a year. I don’t think we’re half way through yet on either…and let’s just say that it’s already been interesting. Definitely helping me grow and I keep saying that is what I want to do. 😉

6 thoughts on “Bees, bees, nothing but bees…”

  1. I love the pink and gray combo! I also love your liberated x's and o's. They're fabulous. the improv pieced O is wonderful and will look great all put together.

  2. I LOVE that first pink and gray one. Yum!

    Hey, can I ask you if you often find you can't email back to commenters? I'm thinking of switching to blogger and I wonder if it's going to be harder to keep in touch with my peeps. Thanks 🙂

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