Best Thank You Note EVER!

A while back, some of you may remember that I participated in an open invitation, but private (because it was for a special gift!) quilt collaboration called Project Special Delivery.  You may have seen others talk about it and mention who this was for.  Faith of Fresh Lemon Quilts had the brilliant idea to make something special for the uber fabulous designer Heather Ross.  Why?  Well because Heather was expecting her first baby!  So many of us have a love affair with Heather’s designs and particularly because of how perfect they are for both adults and children!  I have a Munki Munki collection that I am determined to make into the perfect quilt someday!  Sooner rather than later. 😉

So I ended up taking part in one of the many wonderful gifts that were sent to Heather, an improv pieced rainbow quilt filled with blocks that include prints that she has designed.  I chose the color green and made this block.  I was clearly feeling very linear that day.

Project Special Delivery

I used some other favorite designers that I know are friends of Heather, like Denyse Schmidt and Anna Maria Horner because I thought that she would enjoy also seeing the fabrics designed by her friends!

Project Special Delivery

Then, due to the magic and generosity of so many others, ultimately this gorgeous quilt was created!

Project Special Delivery

Yay for generous folks and their long arm quilters!  Each block was made by someone different and from their own personal hoarded collection of precious Heather Ross fabrics.  I felt quite proud to be just one small part of this creation!  Collaboration is a wonderful thing!

You can see part of my block in the bottom right-hand corner of this picture.

Project Special Delivery

And now, in return, I feel that I have received far more than I gave.  For you see, Heather sent us all a limited-edition sketch of the quilt we made for her as a thank you.  It’s amazing.

Project Special Delivery

Uhm??! Fabulous!!  This was completely unexpected and such a lovely way to say thank you.  I wish that I had thought to do something like that when I had my baby girl.  I certainly can tell that Heather really appreciated this gift from some of her “fans”.

And it just looks perfectly perfect in my little sewing nook.  I didn’t even realize that this was what I needed to help decorate, but it just completes the area.  LOVE.

Project Special Delivery

So thank you, thank you, thank you to Heather for the oh so lovely card which has a new permanent place in my sewing room.  I will treasure it always!  (I definitely feel like I should write a thank you note for this thank you note! lol)

13 thoughts on “Best Thank You Note EVER!”

  1. thank you Stephanie! I actually have a tutorial for fabric folding in my sidebar. I have all of my fabric wrapped around comic book backing boards. So now I have a mini little fabric shop in my room! 😉

  2. Pretty cool! I have to admit that I didn't get that the painting was of the quilt that we all made though. Until like 2 days later when I saw someone post about it on flickr. Whoops.

  3. Wonderful quilt & a great TY card! It's funny what you see & what you don't at first. I didn't realize that the blocks in the quilt were arranged in diagonal color bands until I saw the card!! Had to scroll back up & look again at the quilt itself. Y'all did a lovely job on it. 😀

  4. Wow – what a gorgeous quilt! I can't believe how beautifully it came together. I never would have guessed that more than one sewist was involved. Fabulous. And the card – amazing! What a wonderful gift, on both accounts!

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