Blocks and Blogs

Oh goodness…I’m having one of those days where I find a link on one blog and it takes me to another…and then another… and before I know it, I’ve spent almost of all of the little girlie’s naptime frittering away my time on things that are not my priority. But boy are they fun!

I’m getting desperate to do a blog makeover. I’m a designer by nature and I hate being limited by my own ignorance of computer code and programs like photoshop. People do such cool things!! There are some really helpful tutorials out there, but I definitely need to start with blog designing for dummies. Because I’ve about hit the wall on my ability to change anything. Hopefully, I’ll be able to sweet talk my brother (a computer programmer) into helping me out. But I really want to learn it all myself. I’m stubborn like that. Maybe when life settles down a bit I’ll see if I can take a computer class at one of the local technical schools. I just want to get really comfortable with graphics programs so that I can make my own designs! That’s not asking too much, right?

But blog hopping aside, I actually have been very focused lately with my sewing. One of the things that I’ve managed to work on is a couple of bee blocks. I have one more left to do, but hey…it’s always that way.

For Busy Bees, Katy asked us all to make a block that she’s delightfully::cough:: termed “Scrap Vomit”. Hmmm…I’m not sure I could sleep under a quilt named that after 9 months of total sickness with my pregnancy, but not everyone has my hangups. 😉 I actually really love the design and it’s even more awesome in person.

Blocks and Blogs

It’s going to look great when all of the blocks are together. But watch out, because Amber snuck in a creepy clown scrap into hers that apparently has been making its way around the world being passed from one crazy quilter to another. It finally has a home in scrap vomit. (Seriously…I can’t even write that name and not shudder! lol)

And Stephanie asked us all to make a book block for her in Bee Modern Too. I’ve been wanting to make one of these for a while and I may have encouraged Stephanie to do this as her quilt for the bee. 😉 She didn’t want any embroidery or anything, so I tried to make the books look different with some creative piecing. I’m tempted to keep this little block, but I know that it really belongs with Stephanie.

Blocks and Blogs

What’s next? Well, both of these glorious rolls have already been attached to their respective quilts by machine.

Blocks and Blogs

And just this morning I finished hand sewing the pink binding into place…so that means that I finished a quilt today!! Woohoo! But I need to wash it and dry it so that it gets all crinkly and quilty. Then I’ll show you that one.

Then I just need to hand sew this one in place…and I will have another quilt done!

Blocks and Blogs

Woohoo for being productive even when your life is a bit crazy. Oh and the act of sale is finally supposed to go through on our house in NOLA, so we should be officially homeless today! Who knew that was such a good thing? We prefer to say “mortgage-free”.

12 thoughts on “Blocks and Blogs”

  1. Like the above comment I'm in awe of how much you've achieved at this super busy time! I love the books block. I keep seeing libary quilts and I so want to make one! It's definitely on my list!

  2. so true about blog hopping. I follow over 60 blogs now and I spend way too much time on the computer reading about sewing/quilting and crafting than I do making things. I have to change my ways and get busy!

  3. I fall into the same trap with my Reader and Pinterest!

    I've got the graphic design part figured out, but it's the technical HTML code and dimensions of page elements that I dont understand. Would love a nice looking blog like Jeni or Red Pepper Quilts.

  4. Mortgage free is definitely a good thing! Also, I second what Stephanie said.

    Also, also, I want a blog redesign where someone else totally does it for me. Haha…

  5. Okay, you go to the course and learn all the stuff, then come back and tell the rest of us how to redesign our blogs, kay? I am desperate to go 3-column, but afraid everything will be all wonky and I'll need actual know-how to fix it!

  6. That book block is adorable. I really didn't need to add another quilt to my "must sew this" list…but I might need to add a library quilt.

  7. I'm blog surfing today as well and stopped here when I saw Indiana. Shipshewana has two really nice quilt shops. That is probably a half hour or so from South Bend. There is a quilt festival there end of next week. I've never been but it is juried with 200 quilts.

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