Blocks for Bees

Hey all,
I’ve been going through my other scraps and I’m just waiting on the post office to send me some flat-rate padded envelopes.  Then I will contact those of you who contacted me with interest in the scraps.  At this point, I think that all the scraps will be accounted for, but I’ll open it up again if someone changes their mind on me.  All the other scraps were shipped out a couple of days ago!

I’ve been sewing away too.  I finished my MBS quilt and I just need to get those directions typed up.  I, unfortunately, threw out all of my measurements in a desperate attempt to clean them at one point.  Sigh.  But I’m working them all out again.

And I’ve also been doing some exciting work on my “new to us” play kitchen that I bought for my daughter.  Fisher Price never looked so good. 😉  I’ll share that with you when I’m finished.  I’m also interested in making felt food for her too.  Does anyone have any good patterns/links/books for that?

I’ve also finally worked on a few bee blocks.  August fabric all seemed to get shipped a little later this month, so I wasn’t able to work on these until the end of the month.  But that’s okay because I was busy busy the whole month!  Thankfully the blocks were relatively simple.

Natalia wanted a simple stacked block.  I’m not sure what line these fabrics are from, but it was cute.

Blocks For Bees

Jane asked for asterisk blocks for a quilt for her daughter.  It was fun to make these but they are always trickier than I plan on them being! lol

Blocks For Bees

And I also made a couple of blocks in the style of Elizabeth Hartman’s recent quilt along.  It’s also a raw edge applique technique, but more like what I’m used to doing with Heat n Bond as the base.  I think I would be more likely to do this for a whole quilt again vs the glue base…but it would be stiffer.  Hmmm…

Blocks For Bees

Oh and that wraps up the year in Bee Modern Too…which wraps up two years with the bee.  Phew!  I ran this past year and I have to admit that I’m not too sad to give up that responsibility.   But we all made some wonderful blocks this past year.  Here is a view of the blocks that I made…although for some reason I don’t have a photo of my own month.  Oh well…still not sure what I’m doing with those.

Blocks For Bees

Thanks, ladies for another fabulous year with this bee!  I’ve loved getting to know all of you better!

10 thoughts on “Blocks for Bees”

  1. Gosh dang it! I just wrote a huge reply and little hands pushed the refresh button!!

    So anyway…I will take one of your stash scraps if you have more!! Any color!

    My bees are ending this month too and it's totally bittersweet. I enjoyed it but it was a lot of work. You guys made some great blocks.

    I finished my quilt!! I did what you said and stippled the rest of the way. Instead of appliquéing a branch. I quilted him one into the quilt, on the white with off white thread. I'm gonna try and post pictures tonight.

  2. I do love your asterisk blocks and you certainly are talented to make those! Glad you are still working on your scraps and hope I get an email from you if you still had enough. Can't wait to see your little felt foods when you make those up!

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