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* Alright….I’m fooling around with things. It looks like I’ve managed to get the new embedded comments on my blog and I can now see all of the comments. Now to make things function a little better and possibly get numbered comments back. I will conquer you blogger!*

I know I can’t be the only one out there with this problem…something has changed with blogger and I’m no longer able to see comments past the first 200 (the number that they will show on one page at one time). Previously, they have simply directed you to another page of comments…no problem. Now that link doesn’t exist and I can’t get to the comments. Can any of you?

Has anyone had this problem and been able to fix it? I’ve searched online and asked for blogger help but all I find is people who are having the same problem.

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  1. I have been reading a lot about this too. A few weeks ago blogger changed to threaded comments. When that happened everyone lost the numbers on their comments. I was looking up a solution of how to get the numbers back and I read that you could change it from threaded comments back to normal (The way yours still is) However, they said that there is still a glitch where you can only see the first 200 comments. They said blogger is working on the solution. I was going to change back to normal so that I would have numbers for the giveaway but when I read that I was stressed about not seeing all of the comments. Either scenario stinks right now.

    You must have had some custom coding that made it so your didn't change to the threaded comments when everyone else's did.

    Sorry, I know this doesn't help to solve the problem much but maybe you can look for coding of how to add the threaded comments and then at least you can see them all, even if they don't have numbers on them.

  2. yes Richard I have…at least I've left a question with help section. I'm not the only one having this problem with a custom template for blogger. Still tweaking and trying to find a good option.

  3. Ha, ha. You are WAY more popular than me! I've never had 200 comments on a blog post, even when I've hosted a giveaway. Sorry, I can't help you, but good on you for having so many people who love hearing and seeing what you have to say and show.

  4. you should be able to find your posts from your dashboard going into the "over-view" area and click on comments. Check settings while there and make sure you didn't set something to limit the # of comments. Also in the HTML part there may be an embedded link to cut off comments at 200. Hoping one of these things work for you.

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