Blue Bottled Rainbows

Well, first of all, thank you, everyone! You are all sooo sweet! You definitely know how to make a girl feel good about herself. I am overwhelmed by how many of you like my haircut. lol. I definitely should have made the move sooner. 😉 I’ll make an effort to keep myself pulled together but I can’t make any promises. Sometimes the girlie is slightly grumpy (like now because she has some more teeth coming in) and it is all we can do to keep her peaceful. Strangely my ability to get out of my pajamas and get ready seems to have no effect on her demeanor. Hmmm… Could she not care what I look like? Gasp! The Horror! That’s okay…I know that she’ll care in a couple of years. Or so I hear of little girls.

But in between getting my hair cut and dealing with a grumpy little one, I did manage to get some work done on my bottled rainbow quilt. I know…it’s supposed to be a slow quilt along that I take at a leisurely pace. And yes, there are at least three other projects that are more “important” on my plate right now. But hey, sometimes you just need to work on what makes you happy. And these blocks have been doing that for me lately. So I’m rolling with it. Although I will seriously take a little break for a couple of weeks from them now.

I worked on the three bright blue blocks. (there is still a very dark blue/indigo one left) Oh how blue makes me happy. Come on…admit it. Blue makes you happy too.

Blue Bottled Rainbows

I had a fun time going through my blue scraps to find the perfect fabrics for these blocks. Yet again, some of my colors are a little different than Rachel’s I believe. I used Kona cotton colors Peacock, Cyan, and Marine for those who are interested.

The light blue one has some of my absolute favorite fabrics of all time.

Blue Bottled Rainbows

Right? Seriously cute fabrics. I love having a place to finally put some of the little pieces that I have been hoarding. One of those scraps is about 3/8″ wide! I would NEVER keep scraps that small if it were not for the fabric that it is. 😉

The medium blue block has become what I like to call my “good folks” block. The blues in that line were just the perfect match for the Kona Cyan.

Blue Bottled Rainbows

And the dark blue block has some scraps that have been gathered from here and there and everywhere!

Blue Bottled Rainbows

The Kona Marine is a Perfect match for the Ann Kelle Flowers! Love it! And aren’t the giraffe’s just the sweetest? That scrap I got almost a year ago from my friend Kaelin who won them in a giveaway online with many other luscious scraps.

It’s so fun to see all the scraps come together and start to form a new life in this quilt. And I’m not only using scraps just from my scrap bin but I’m also using all scrap batting! Finally! A project that makes all those pieces of batting I couldn’t bear to throw away worth keeping. I’m zig-zagging the pieces together as Rachel shows on her blog and it’s working sooo well. I’m feeling quite industrious! 🙂

One last look…just because they’re so pretty.

Blue Bottled Rainbows

Now, are you still awake? Who’s fallen asleep?

I think that it is time for another little giveaway! I’m having such a fabulous time going through my scraps making these blocks and I think you all would really enjoy this project as well. I’m ahead…so don’t think that this project is too far along for you to join. It’s really not. Like I said above, I worked on these, but now I need to put it aside and work on some other projects. So there is still plenty of time to start and join in Rachel’s Quilt along. The link is in my sidebar.

But…for those of you already playing or have been putting it off because you don’t feel you have enough scraps, I’m going to have another giveaway of a Hawthorne Threads Scrap pack! Woohoo! We love them and their awesome scraps. Seriously…they do not have one bad fabric, so you know the scraps will be good! Now we’re not doing the giveaway today. Oh, stop groaning. It’s okay. We’re doing it tomorrow. It’s just easier to keep replies in a giveaway to one post. So go check out Rachel’s quilt along and check back in tomorrow!

27 thoughts on “Blue Bottled Rainbows”

  1. Your blocks look so great! I finished my first one last night, and I think I'm addicted!
    And I agree–I'm just as excited about using up my scrap batting as the fabric scraps!

  2. I love using batting scraps. I've got two baby quilts on the table right now, and I've used up most of my huge batting scraps by zigzagging them together. you can hardly notice after quilting and trimming. there are no bumps or anything when the batting has overlapped.

    I have, like you, been saving little pieces of batting, too. I can't bear to throw them out because I know they're perfect for miniquilts or quilted pillow covers. !!!!

  3. I could use some scraps…good scraps only though! 🙂 I really like these blocks, but I dont have enough scraps for one so I wont be doing the quilt a long. Love yours though.

  4. Well I wasn't going to get involved with one more thing, but i think that I am going to have to go over and check out the quilt along. Your blocks are just too beautiful to resist!

  5. I totally agree that that is my favorite block as well (although that Good Folks one is super awesome!). I do love working with blue as well…my favorite color is green but for some reason when I see blue fabrics like those shades you used…man, my solids still haven't arrived, I wish I could start! I love the blocks that you assembled so far, your quilt is going to look amazing!

  6. I AM making Bottled Rainbows. Just waiting for my shipment of Kona cotton. That being said, I totally know what you mean about the 3/8" scrap. I have saved the smallest pieces from that line.

    And I wish I had "kerchief girls" in all the colors. I have green and pink, I think. Blue is awesome but she is way too hard to find. I'd trade you for a scrap, though!

  7. There's so much to love here! Let me just say that you rock. I'm fresh out of batting scraps myself. But, well stocked in new batting. I agree – sewing batting scraps together is a great feeling!

  8. Your blocks are beautiful!! I have loads of batting scraps, too – I just keep thinking that if I toss it, I'll be just that much short sometime! We use them for mug rugs, too – very convenient!

    And my haircut is scheduled for next Tuesday afternoon. it's all your fault!! 😉

  9. Angela, I stumbled across your blog yesterday and love it. Your blocks look great. I do love the giraffes. And your hair is super cute and stylish. I chopped mine recently as I was having a bad case of mom ponytail too.
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂 If you have a chance, I would love for you to check out mine.

  10. I do love the Blue Blocks and especially the giraffe and other animals!! Your blocks look so very neat and I hope mine will turn out nicely. Need more scraps and hope to get some soon!

  11. Ang, in the middle of life – at this time – with much stress and juggling of several balls in the air, your blog and the inspiring photos of your work are the one thing that brings real relaxation and relief.



  12. I love your blue blocks.. and I'm gonna be making this too… my first ever quilt! I'm just learning to sew.. so I figure this is a good beginner project.. maybe a bit ambitious.. but it looks like so fun and not that hard.. now all I need are the scraps! hugs xo

  13. I love your blue blocks! I am going to try this quilt along and we will see. 🙂 Looks like fun. Although i don't have a lot of scraps… well sort of don't have a lot. I'll figure something out.

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