Book Nerd Quilt Available!


It’s here! It’s here!  The Book Nerd Quilt is finally available to download.

You can find the PDF version here!

Printed Copies of the pattern are also now available.  For wholesale and distributor inquiries, please email me at

16 thoughts on “Book Nerd Quilt Available!”

  1. Book Nerd! What a terrific name for such a wonderful quilt. I’m so happy that you’re releasing a pattern for it–I was smitten when i saw your post about Quilt Market and spotted this happy book place in Curious Dream in your booth. Thanks so much! I’ll be waiting for a printed release–old fashioned 🙁 This is the perfect quilt for this retired teacher who has been told by her soon-to-be-married daughter that a baby will make an appearance in a year or so. Congratulations on such a fun new collection and pattern!

  2. This is THE BEST book quilt I have ever seen!
    Bet you know what my librarian daughter will get for Christmas next year? If I can part with it….

  3. I missed your sale by a day 😩 But it is worth the $3 ❤️ To get this pattern for my daughter. She reads as much as I do and her aunt and Gramma did! Her fondest childhood memories are our regular Saturday trips to the library. She has several quilts and really doesn’t need another one, until now! Will embroider each book with a favorite title and author. Can’t wait to make this for he Really!

  4. Have been trying to purchase on craftsy and usually that works like a charm. Today, it will not take the payment. The little spinner thing just keeps spinning. I had hoped to buy it as the price was still at $9.

  5. I saw this pattern somewhere online and contacted my LQS owner to inquire if she could get it …. she had just got them in 😁 I love quilting and reading so this is perfect for me. Trying to decide what fabric I will use for the background and then shall pick “book” fabrics. Thanks for designing this super cool quilt

  6. I too need a little help. I played with it today with scrappy fabrics and my difficulty is in adding the B to A. What is the best way to line up the two ends of the pattern piece? I’d love a little tutorial. I’m eager to make this for a friend.

    1. Did you ever figure this out? I consider myself an experienced paper piecer and I am having the HARDEST time getting these pieces to match up… I was hoping to find a pattern revision or clarification on this site, but didn’t have any luck! 🙁

  7. Where in the pattern does it state the sizes to cut for pieces A, B, C,D, E and F? I could figure it out, but don’t want to take the time. Every other pattern I have used that has paper piecing has the sizes to cut in the directions. Am I missing it somewhere in the pattern? I have tried to contact Angela Pingel and am not able to on her contact site.

  8. Hello,
    I purchased your book nerd pattern and am having issues. Please help. I have made a sample block, but it does not measure correctly. All seams are exactly 1/4 inch.
    The pattern does not explain whether to paper piece sections A, B and C.
    Once A,B and C are joined, the section measures barely 11 x 5.
    The copies are accurately printed at 200%.
    Do you have a tutorial that might help?
    Thank you, Rosemary

  9. I go here also, hoping to find a tutorial and more specific cutting instructions. Any chance of that? Im a beginning quilter, was relieved to find I was not the only one confused. Really love the pattern, but don’t have a lot of extra fabric – so want to be accurate in cutting.

  10. I see no one has replied to the issues with this pattern. I too am having difficulty sewing the page pieces to the main book cover piece. Things are not matching well at all and I have made each piece correctly. On my test block I did the best I could and it looks ok but very stressful and half the book is only 5.5X11. There is no way I could trim it to 11.5 because it wasn’t that to begin with. I needed to square it off and 11 inches was the best. Happened on both sides. I came here to see if my pattern had any corrections but I see nothing listed. Since there has been no response to the other people with issues on here I am not expecting Angela to respond. Just know that you may be frustrated making this quit. I have cut and made all of the A’s and D’s and am dreading placing the B, C, E, and F portions on A and D. The paper Piecing is not difficult but the block assembly is! Seems straight forward but isn’t. Good luck to all and if anyone has made this and can suggest a solution or offer expertise I would greatly appreciate it.

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