Book Review – The Quilter’s Applique Workshop

I’m so pleased today to share a fabulous book coming out by Kevin Kosbab, The Quilter’s Applique Workshop.

Kevin has covered every last detail of multiple applique techniques and tools in this book. If you have ever wanted to try applique, this is a perfect starting point.  In particular he discusses raw edge applique, fusible applique and needle turn applique. There are a lot of step by step instructions for each section, making this book perfect for beginnings and intermediate level alike. Kevin also discusses a number of different fabrics that he uses in the process including silks, cottons and felted wool. That was very interesting for me to see given that I’ve mainly worked with cotton applique until now.

The book itself is arranged by style of applique with multiple projects for each type.  Kevin makes use of modern and traditional techniques and tools.  I’m particularly intrigued by the glue basting he does for needle turn applique.  I’ve been seeing more and more people using this and I know that I need to get on the band wagon!<

My personal favorite project from the book is the China Cupboard Wall Quilt.  It uses raw edge applique technique and I’m pretty sure it might be perfect for my dining room.  I already own half of the fabrics! lol  It will definitely be a jumping off point for me and whatever I end up doing.  Thanks for the inspiration Kevin!

The book is full of projects any kind of applique enthusiast. And Kevin does a great job holding your hand through any tricky parts. Interested?!

100 thoughts on “Book Review – The Quilter’s Applique Workshop”

  1. Thanks for your kind review–I'm so glad you liked the book! How funny that you've got a head start from your stash for China Cupboard.

    Obviously don't enter me into the giveaway. 😉

  2. This book seems to be full of eye-catching quilts. I can hardly wait to read it and learn from Kevin. I'm such a beginner with appliqué, so I need lots of visuals to learn from.

  3. I love it. I've never been motivated to try appliqué but this book has really piqued my interest. My sister is a huge atomic dish ware fan and that quilt would be perfect for her.