Bottling up a Rainbow

So once again, the lure of the Bottled Rainbow quilt designed by Rachel was too hard for me to resist.  I needed a cheerful quilting project and this one never fails to make me happy.  Plus I really just want to finish it!  Remember that crazy goal I have to get myself down to two projects at one time?!  I am determined to make that not just a dream. lol

So I’ve finally managed to finish up every Bottled Rainbow Block!  I wasn’t necessarily trying to finish this at first, but once I got so close I knew that I needed to.  So in no particular order, my final blocks are…

Deep Pink – I don’t remember who sent the button scraps but I am so happy to give that wonderful fabric a home!

Bottling up a Rainbow

Cerise – I love so many of these scraps!

Bottling up a Rainbow

Yellow – I had to dig through some special scraps for this one.  It may be my favorite block…of course, I say that a lot!

Bottling up a Rainbow

Red – look at that luscious piece of Christmas Zoo Print!

Bottling up a Rainbow

Navy – I had to pull the fabric out of my stash for this one…the only block that didn’t use entirely scraps!

Bottling up a Rainbow

Orange – Katie Jump Rope, Japanese Elephants, Prints Charming, FFA, Lightning Bugs, and so much more!

Bottling up a Rainbow

And then I was playing around with the layout for the quilt.  I used some slightly different colors than Rachel originally suggested because I just wanted to use my stash.  So I felt the need to rearrange some colors a bit to make more sense with my particular fabrics.

Bottling up a Rainbow

I think it works…and I think that this is what I went with.  I’ve actually sewn it together already!  I still need to put the border on the quilt but the blocks are all together.

Bottling up a Rainbow

I’m loving how it looks.  I’ll be sure to post more pics when it’s finished.  Which will hopefully be soon!

Is anyone else behind on this quilt along like me?!  lol.

26 thoughts on “Bottling up a Rainbow”

  1. It turned out so pretty! I love how you arranged the blocks, too.

    I've been so tempted to make this quilt. Now I'm thinking I should consider making a big set of placemats. But like you, I'm trying to whittle down my ongoing project to so I only have one or two at a time I'm working on. So it's on the back burner for a bit. I'll keep making scraps though 🙂

  2. all so lovely!! I am also trying to cut down on my projects on the go – which is exactly why I haven't joined this quilt along. As gorgeous & tempting as it is, I have some other projects I need to finish up first!!

  3. This is gorgeous. I love that each block is a lovely work of art you can look at and find new things. I may give this a go some time. I have a very long list of projects to do already though!

  4. It's gorgeous, Angela! I'm so far behind on this project I haven't even added it to my to-do list! I've just got way too many projects going to add one now. But someday…… 😉

  5. Yay! This will be a big finish! Your blocks look lovely. I'm pretty behind with Bottled Rainbows. I've only finished three blocks, but after I knock out a couple of more finishes, I hope to hunker down with my scraps!

  6. Your bottled rainbows looks divine!! And yes, I'm behind, but knew I was going to be. I only have 3 blocks finished and just sneak in a little work on them in between other big projects. It's a nice break and I so enjoy arranging all the scraps! Can't wait to see what you select for a border!

  7. Well, if you count not starting then, yes, I'm behind. I didn't jump in, but the lure is ever-present. I love the colors you chose. I also have the same goal – to whittle down to only one or two projects. I'd love just one, but I'm pretty sure that's impossible!

  8. I'm so far behind that the solids are still lying in a stack with a ribbon around them. I keep telling myself that I'm still collecting scraps.

  9. I still have 3 blocks to go….so yeah…I'm behind. It really is a fun quilt to make.
    Question for you – I see that you did the quilt as you go thing with your blocks. You said you're gonna add borders…will you quilt the borders with batting ahead of time too? I like the look of the quilts being made with borders but am confused on the whole quilting part when the blocks are already done.

  10. They are so beautiful. Can't wait to see your quilt finished. I wonder what you will use for binding.
    And if I was to choose favourites, I'd say light yellow, red and orange,although all the blocks look great and are full of gorgeous fabrics.
    And sorry for making this comment so long, but what is the fabric in the biggest square of the marine block?

  11. All, so SO good. (and hello there, Kitty!). I about jump up and down every time I see these blocks. They make me so happy. So much COLOR. The way you arranged the finished collection of colors looks very natural. Can't wait to see your next steps!

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