Caution…baby in the house!

Well that was quite the topic yesterday! It got a lot of you out of the woodworks. I was beginning to think that I was just writing to myself again. I know how busy everyone gets and sometimes I have to remind myself to go read other people’s blogs and then remind myself not to jealous of all the beautiful things they seem to create each day! LOL. Trust me…I remind myself often. “be happy for other people and their successful projects” “it’s great that there are so many wonderful quilters” “every once in a while you DO produce something that you can show on your blog” Gotta love it when you are giving yourself pep talks about the virtual world. LOL.

But oh what happened yesterday in our house! We, as many of you might know because I talk about her excessively, have a l0 month old little girl. She’s slowly learning to stand, but that girl can crawl faster than some people can run! There are two rooms that we make an effort to keep her out of…my husband’s office (mainly because the cat food and kitty litter is in there!) and my sewing room…because as I posted pictures earlier this week, it’s pretty much a disaster area lately with all my projects. It’s killing me because I’m so type AAA, but it’s necessary for now and I’m trying to live with it.

Unfortunately due to my lack of space, I have to do all rotary cutting on the floor in that room. (can you see where this is going!?) And trust me…that door to that room is almost ALWAYS shut! But of course she found it when both my husband and I were distracted by reasonable other projects (no we’re not neglecting her) and made a beeline for the room. My husband noticed that it was far too quiet. Ominous sign.

He checked his office and then found her in the next room with my sewing supplies. Shame on mommy, earlier in an effort to get her daughter away from some other “danger” I ran out my sewing room to grab her…hence the door was left open and yes, the rotary cutter was left on the floor with the blade out. (I’m slapping my own hand!) Little one had happily picked up the rotary cutter with the blade in her hand and was beaming as she showed her daddy what she had picked up. Didn’t bother her at all that blood was dripping from her hand. Not one little bit. Girl of steel!

Lucky for us, the cut was fairly shallow and we are now making the futile effort to keep antibiotic cream on her hand and a bandaid so that it cannot get infected. But we were both shaking a bit after that…and I still had to go back later that evening and sew with the paper pieced pattern that had her blood on it. 🙁

Lesson learned. Won’t make that mistake again. We were spared what could have been a very bad thing…can’t think about what might have happened. But that girl did not cry one single time. Never. Not when she cut her hand, not when we were cleaning it and not when we bandaged it. She was far more annoyed to have her hand wrapped up. So at least we were spared that. Her guardian angel was looking out for her.

Reason 10,001 why I need a bigger and better space to sew in. Blah!

14 thoughts on “Caution…baby in the house!”

  1. Parenting can be so terrifying sometimes! No matter how you obsess over safety, things fall through the cracks. I hope she heals up well!

    Our youngest learned about the stove the hard way, time and again we told him to stay away from the stove and one day while DH was fixing dinner, Joe touched a burner before we even knew he was there. It wasn't a bad burn, but we were shaky after that, too! And he doesn't go near the stove when we are cooking now.

  2. Don't beat yourself up about it Angela – everything's fine and that's all that matters. We mothers live with guilty every day as it is – do I play with them too much or not enough? Do I fuss them too much or not enough. Do I supervise too much or not enough? And good to hear she's standing all alone! X

  3. Awww, poor baby and poor mommy! That kind of thing happens all the time. Cian runs over and shakes the ironing board when I'm ignoring him and I learned quickly I cannot keep the iron on the board from now on. Also, he mysteriously finds pins I never knew I dropped on the floor. Scary! Just two days ago I forgot to put the baby gate up and when I tried to find where he went I discovered him upstairs! You are not alone!

  4. oh poor things – both of you! Glad she is ok…Now that mine are a bit bigger I can't even remember those days when you had to put everything up for fear they'd get into it! And I hear you about the writing to myself – been feeling like that too lately 🙂

  5. Oh no! I'm so glad she's ok. The worst is when it's something that we could have prevented. The guilt is terrible. I think things like that happen to everyone.

    Last month I mopped the floors and my Little Miss came running up behind me and fell flat on her back slamming her head into the tile. We had to rush her to the ER. I think I cried for two days straight. Needless to say I only mop the floors now if she's out of the house.

  6. Awww, glad to hear she's okay. I hate it when stuff like that happens, but it does! My daughter got a hold of one my shaving razors when she was about your daughter's age and cut her face. It wasn't serious, but I felt SO terrible! It's so hard to baby-proof 100%!

    If you have any trouble with her cut you might want to try liquid bandage. It definitely stings when it first goes on, but then it creates a perfect "second-skin" bandage that lasts for days.

  7. Wait until she figures out that she can move her step stool and open doors herself! Our toddler does that, lets himself outside and climbs up onto my sewing table to get the dangerous things. Toddlers are scary!

  8. My friend brought her daughters over while we were working on some stuff, and we were just letting them entertain themselves. The two year old went into my bedroom and pulled the embroidery scissors off my sewing table to try and cut into a package that had a lapel pin in it, and the five year old unscrewed the rotary cutter and was holding the blade in her hand (mine switches from left to right handed by taking the blade out). I felt so fortunate that neither of them got hurt, but I don't know how I'll do actual baby-proofing with my kids!

  9. So glad she's okay! I'm sure every mom has a few stories like that that we just beat ourselves up over. And then the guilt….I still have a few things that make me cringe when I think about them.

  10. Totally happens to the best of us. Months ago my 3 year old cut my plugged in iron cord with scissors. Fortunately, they had a rubber handle. I sew in the dining room…. But, these little/big brushes with danger help us all learn to take things seriously and thank God for his protection.

  11. I too have a 10 month old and I left my rotary cutter, blade out, on the dining room table. It was apparently too close to the edge, and she got a hold of it and was n the process of sticking the blade in her mouth when we found her. It scared me so much!!!!

    I am glad that nothing worse happened with your little one!!

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