A celebration and a giveaway!!!

*the giveaway is now closed*

Well, today is truly a special day in our house. Today is my beautiful Caitlyn’s 1st Birthday! That’s right…she’s now one! She’s standing up on her own for little bits at a time (looking totally adorable trying to gain her balance). She loves music and loves to dance. She can wave hello and goodbye (but I’m working on getting her to blow kisses) and her most consistent words are “kitty cat” and “chester” (one of her toys). She is our miracle and her 1st birthday marks a very special occasion for us!

A celebration and a giveaway

So in honor of that, I’m having a giveaway. And I hope you are as excited about it as I am! I am giving away a fat quarter bundle of Kona solids!! I have two choices for you to pick from. I was just going to go with the pink because of the whole little girl theme, but I decided that not everyone might be all that into pink…so there is a red option as well. So, you can win either…

The Pretty in Pink Kona Fat Quarter Bundle:

A celebration and a giveaway


A celebration and a giveaway

Or, if you prefer, The Hot Spice Kona Fat Quarter Bundle:

A celebration and a giveaway

It’s saucy!

A celebration and a giveaway

Each delicious bundle contains 21 fat quarters of coordinating solids! They are so pretty you won’t want to take them apart! LOL.

So how do you win?
1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite way to celebrate a birthday! Your’s or a child’s. I need ideas! LOL.

2. Become a follower or state that you are a follower of my blog.

3. Blog, Tweet, or Facebook about this giveaway and leave a comment letting me know. Heck, you can have a separate entry for each! That’s 3 possible entries right there!

4. If you have done all of that, you can have a separate entry by wishing my baby a Happy Birthday. Be creative!

Please be sure that there is a way to contact you! Email is preferable. Any contestants without contact information will be automatically disqualified. (I’ve got to be able to tell you that you won this fabulous item!) Also, please say which bundle you would prefer!

One last picture to entice you…!

A celebration and a giveaway

Although her birthday is today, I’m going to keep the giveaway open until the end of Monday as things often slow down over the weekend. Good luck!

495 thoughts on “A celebration and a giveaway!!!”

  1. I love to celebrate my birthday with friends and family, as it is in june I sometimes organize a picnic with games, some especially for the kids

  2. happy birthday baby, ;o))))
    tell your mom to cuddle you all day and treat you like a princess, but I'm sure she already does that every day
    oh yes, tell her too I want the hot bundle

  3. my youngest is 15 months and just now walking and has 1/5th the hair your little one has.

    anyways, I like to try and bake and decorate a cake for my little ones. That's my "special" thing. I know the store bought ones look better but I really try hard.

    Also instead of a normal age appropriate present, which everyone else gives (toys, clothes etc) I give my girls one piece of good jewlery for their birthday. My oldest is four and youngest as I said is just over one. So they unwrap it and I store it for them for later. When they are old enough I will give them the collection and they should have somethign to wear to any event from meeting the president to a charity event.

  4. happy b'day to the little princess!!!! Birthday days are the best to go to the Toy store and pick whatever, no price restriction….somewhat dangerous….lol.
    Tks fr this wonderful giveaway!!:D

  5. Awww, happy birthday to your little one! I must admit, going to Disneyland is my favorite way to spend a birthday. But if that isn't possible, just a simple day is wonderful. My son's first b-day we took him to the park. This year when he turned 4, we pulled out the slip-n-slide and later grabbed frozen yogurt. My baby girl's first b-day was spent at a wedding, but this year we enjoyed a day in my sister's pool….yeah, my kids have summer b-days so that doesn't always work, lol!

  6. Happy Birthday to your baby girl! I love those spicy reds, just beautiful! I used to teach gymnastics and I loved the gymnastics birthday parties. They were tons of fun! Even the little ones and the parents joined in. 🙂

  7. My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is to go to my LQS and buy myself whatever I want – up to about $100. Then go home and play with my purchases.

    For my child, I like to keep it simple. He just wants to play with his friends. So we just invite a few kids over. They play then we have cake, open presents, give out loot bags and they go home.

  8. Favorite way to celebrate is definitely going out to eat, going to an outside park or hiking area, and coming home for ice cream, cake, and gifts. debgiro at wildblue dot net

  9. All my life for my birthday my mother has made me a Red Velvet cake – we're talking way back to the 60's before they become so trendy! It means so much to me. Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Caitlyn – may your mommy fill your birthdays with special memories!

  10. Birthdays are best spent eating chocolate with your favorite people! And drinking wine! (but not if your only on your first trip around the sun…)

  11. You'll know best what your little girl loves most right now. Is it happy colors, funny games with family, something interesting to watch? Whatever it is, let her just have fun! Happy birthday!

    Oh, and I would love to win the Hot Spice Bundle. That's exactly the colour scheme I have in mind for my first big quilt ;-). (You can reach me via my blog.)

  12. My daughter is 17 and has had every birthday since her seventh at camp. I have really missed being able to celebrate her birthday with her! I always make sure that when she comes home, we have a day to spend doing girl stuff together as a belated birthday treat. We both love it!

  13. What a sweetie petite-y!! I don't have any new great party ideas, but I will pass on some advice – don't have any great expectations for how she will act at her first birthday parties! Babies will never do what you expect them to, particularly with a crowd of people around – so just go with the flow and have fun!

  14. Birthdays are so much fun, and that is one darling baby to celebrate with. Thanks for sharing the joy with us. She looks more sweet than spicy, but I would choose the spicy bundle if I were lucky enough to win.

  15. Happy 1st birthday Caitlyn,I'm now a follower sent via Kristen (so happy).

    Favorite birthday idea is day with mum or dad to do what ever the birthday person wants to do as I have 4 children the person having the birthday really enjoys the day for themselves then tea with family.

    Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas

  16. I love the hot spice colors. I love to celebrate birthdays with family. play some of the childhood games…pin the tail on the Donkey, duck,duck, goose or red Rover

  17. becoming a follower–i like your blog! I also think when children are young the best way to celebrate is small–encircling her with an intimate group of people who love her. When kids are a bit older, messy things are always fun, like painting cookies with thinned frosting!

  18. I always want to be somewhere beautiful for my birthday, be it the beach or some really special place in the area. I think children like the excitement of the day, and having people they love around them who do things that make the day special.

  19. Whoa, almost at 500! That's cos this giveaway is incredibly generous – thanks for sharing! Watching your babe turn 1 is an amazing things – enjoy her sweet birthday. My favorite way to show my kids how special their birthday is, is to make them an amazing cake. Every year I put a lot of thought into just the right cake and work hard to pull it off. We're not into big kid parties – too overwhelming. We prefer 2 or 3 special friends for a fun activity and dinner followed by the amazing cake!!

  20. Following now – hey, I'm a VIBee, too!! Can't wait to get to know you. I forgot to say which bundle in my first comment. It's incredibly hard to choose, but I'm going to give my love to spicy, saucy red. If I win, maybe I'll use it for my bee blocks!!! Woohoo!