A collection of thoughts

Well, this is what happens when you draw for a giveaway before you leave for a long weekend. You can’t remember what you named the file of the pic of the rand generator number. lol. Thankfully I distinctly remember who won. The lucky winner is:

Caitlin of LethargicLass! (and no I didn’t pick her because she has a name almost exactly like my daughter’s. and I didn’t pick her because one of her comments was a lovely rendering of a song from Annie, one of my all-time favorite movies as a child. But that probably made it easier for me to remember!)

So congrats! I’m completely jealous that you will be able to get so much cute tape!

In other news, I’m still definitely recovering from traveling and talking to people for four days straight. I’m a definite night owl and I was shocked that I was not able to stay up past midnight on Saturday night. But I was wiped. I blame it on the fact that I’m used to spending my days with a small child who doesn’t really talk yet. So I’m out of the habit. lol

My favorite thing about the summit with having a mini-reunion with my NOLA modern quilt guild gals and meeting so many blogging friends in person!

A Collection of Thoughts

From left to right: Michelle (I like orange too), Cara (Me? a Mom?), Kaelin (the plaid scottie), Cherie (Sew and So Quilts), Karen (Feisty Eily)

Roommates! The former NOLA modern quilt guild gals.

A Collection of Thoughts

Seriously so funny! Had a blast meeting Cara!

A Collection of Thoughts

Rachel (stitched in color) and I finally got to meet in person. She’s ridiculously beautiful and just as nice as I would have hoped!

A Collection of Thoughts

Michelle (I like orange too) and I. You can see my Olympic sized name tag I made really well in this pic. So glad I made that though. We NEEDED to know our “other” names. lol

A Collection of Thoughts

Cara and I, but who is who? 😉

A Collection of Thoughts

Salt Lake definitely knows how to do a water feature. So many pretty ones around the city!

A Collection of Thoughts


A Collection of Thoughts

A Collection of Thoughts

Oh and you might say that we got a bit of stuff while we were there. Here’s a pic of mainly my loot. I only bought a bit of the fabric. lol. Thank you for all the generosity of people who brought fun things to share! (And yes, it’s okay to be jealous lol)

A Collection of Thoughts

This pic kind of describes the best kind of moment during the summit. Kaelin and Cara cracking each other up over who knows what. I think we all had moments of this throughout the sea of people and personalities at the summit.

A Collection of Thoughts

I think I would need at least ten more of these weekends to even begin to get to know everyone better. So many lovely people…I didn’t get too many pics of people. I only whipped out the camera near the end. But everyone has a different smattering of pics of people who were there.

– Kaelin making me try on a gold ball gown at the awesome local vintage shop and trying to convince me that I needed it.

– Dinner for a group of us hosted by the fabulous Jennifer (Ellison Lane Quilts) and Elena (Breakfast for dinner).

– Cara wanting to reenact one of the statues in front of the temple and me telling her that we shouldn’t because it was a Sunday. lol

– Crazy lady who treated me to a rendition of “We built this city on rock and roll” and later that weekend shared her views on Leprechaun kidnappings.

– Free motion quilting with Jacey and her crazy eyelash quilting.

Oh and so much more…don’t want to bore you all! I’m sure everyone will be blogging about this if you want to read more. 😉

18 thoughts on “A collection of thoughts”

  1. I'm pretty sure we were either laughing about Rapunzel behind us or my bacon request. Or quite possibly Cherie's inability to casually check out the guy at 8 o'clock. 🙂

  2. You got so many great pictures! I still feel a little "high" from the weekend of fun and laughter. I'm hoping to try again on the FMQ tonight! I sort of wish I'd kept the eyelash quilting now… Oh well. I bet I can do it again!

  3. It looks like you had such a great time and plenty of laughs. How great is it that you got to meet up with your NOLA friends! Thanks for sharing some of the highlights 🙂

  4. Nice collection (of thoughts). Mine are still scattered. Here's to picking them up before they all run away.

    Also, come on Angela, we could probably pass as cousins. And, I keep laughing cause in that picture we have an opposite squinty eye thing going on. That takes skill people.

  5. i like orange, too!

    I'm sooo loving you! Thanks for sharing all the pics I didn't get! Hangin' out with you guys was the best part of my weekend, for sure 🙂

  6. It was great to finally meet you in real life! And that pic of Cara on the bike literally made me laugh out loud. Hilarious!! I still can't seem to put my thoughts into a blog post!

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