Coming soon…to a magazine near you!

So… I’m super excited because I’ve been sitting on some fun news for a while.  I have the honor of having 3 projects in the upcoming Stitch magazine.  I checked with them to make sure that I could share and all was well… so I can finally tell you about it.  Just no tutorials here. 😉

First of all, you may have noticed that my tutorial for the quilty chair recovery has been missing from the blog.  About two days after I posted it (read here: took a long time to write it up!), I got the news that they had accepted it for the magazine.  (Sometimes there is a really long time between submissions and hearing back from publishers).  Frankly, I just figured that they were not interested in it.  But lucky for me they were!

Coming a magazine near you

Coming a magazine near you

And since I obviously did not ship the chair to them, they are using one of my own pictures (not one of these shots) that I took just for them. I’m a little nervous to see how my picture stands up to the professional shot ones! So treat it kindly when you see it in the magazine.

I was also very excited that they took my hanging wall organizer. I first made this for Melissa for the now called Make Mine Modern Swap. I enjoyed the one that I made for her and it seemed like a popular item, so I did a little redesigning of this one and am more proud of it than ever. I only have a quick snapshot of this because this one came down to the wire. Remember when I was singing Kaelin’s praises for dropping everything and coming to help me finish up a super-secret project? Well, this was it. And she did the binding for me, which I did not know until she was halfway through that is her least favorite part of sewing. What a sweetie! Not only did she bind it for me, she then took it to three! different UPS stores to get it to ship the next day. Now that’s a friend you can count on!

Here’s the super quick shot I got of it before it was whisked away by Kaelin!

Coming a magazine near you

And then finally, they took my color book, a soft fabric book perfect for little ones. I was inspired to make this for my daughter but then couldn’t even let her touch it because it had yet to be photographed. But I’ll let her play with it when I get it back. Maybe… 😉

Coming a magazine near you

Each page is made up of a patchwork of different colors perfect for using up scraps!

Coming a magazine near you

Coming a magazine near you

Coming a magazine near you

Coming a magazine near you

Coming a magazine near you

Pardon my inundation of pictures…I’ve had these hidden in my Flickr account for a long time. LOL. It’s fun to share them.

Do you like how I used the baby toys as a backdrop? Oh and my famous stump (by the way…that stump is going to be ground up on Saturday!).

Coming a magazine near you

So, be on the lookout for the magazine. Well, let’s be honest. I’m sure that I’ll be telling you the moment that I see it. 😉 And now you’ll all have a few of my patterns and then you can add pictures to that group of mine I “suggested” you all join. Tricky aren’t I?

And stay tuned for the next post because I’ll be sharing another pattern with you. It’s a star block, but not the spinning one…but it’s equally cool. 😉

39 thoughts on “Coming soon…to a magazine near you!”

  1. I'm squealing with delight for you!!!! That makes two Flickr peeps in the upcoming Stitch! I'm going to be running to Joann's for my copy! I have wanted to make that wall organizer forever! Congrats girlie! You deserve it! P.S. Did you think about submitting your pleated pillow?

  2. Hurray hurray hurray hurray – these projects are just so fabulous – the organiser was a wowzer the moment I first saw it and the chair looks really wonderful but the book is the one that I think is the total genius – what a lovely thing for a little kid to play with and see and feel the colours. Clever clever you – I'm very proud of my friend on the other side of the world!

  3. Congratulations!
    I love Stitch magazine too but it's not so easy to find in the UK! Luckily I have a copy of the current one as a kind lady offered to send me one in return for UK mags – perhaps I can do the same when 'your' issue comes out!

  4. Congratulations…I don't see streamers??? Well close your eyes and imagine them 'cause I just threw some your way! LOL. If I were any kind of computer guru (which I am not) I would email you some or something but again…well you get the idea! Your work is beautiful and you deserve this!

  5. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I'm really going to miss the stump. (Just want to share the grief with you. lol!) I love how it brings out the beauty of your pieces. Wood just does that for me. But I'm sure it will be a good thing for your yard, so I'll not complain for long. Love you! Mary Clare.

  6. Angela! That is so exciting! Yay you! I'm on a super strict budget and haven't purchased a magazine in ages, but I'm definitely making an exception for this issue.

  7. Congrats!
    Seeing the pic of your chair really makes me wish my chairs were upholstered!
    All your projects look so fun. I will have to keep an eye out for the mag….

  8. Those are three fantastic projects and it is no surprise Stitch chose to feature them!!! I particularly love the colour book – I think I'll Stitch one up for my soon-to-be new niece or nephew! Congratulations!!!! Any idea when the mag will be out? Is it the 100 projects one?

  9. Congratulations! I love that magazine, though it is way harder to find it here in Canada than it should be! How exciting for you!

  10. Congrats!! Three is awesome!! I got a project accepted too! Maybe I should have submitted more then one. I wasn't sure if I could share yet though. Even though I've already told EVERYONE! hehehe just haven't blogged it yet. Good to know I can 🙂

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