Cosmetic Bags

Keeping up with theme of the week, the NOLA modern quilt guild sewing retreat weekend, I have some more things to show you!

First off is the darling cosmetic bags that Kaelin showed us how to make. I have to admit that this was my suggestion for a group project because I wanted to make one for my partner in Modern Swappers. I’m selfish like that, but I thought this was a good thing to be shown how to make in person vs trying to figure it out myself. I’m showing you this to tease you. Kaelin’s going to be doing a tutorial on how to make a similar bag on her blog sometime soon. So you too can make one!

cosmetic bags

sweet little bags with a coordinating or contrasting lining!

cosmetic bags

It’s a testament to our sewing skills that we were able to make these. I think we finished these around 3 am sometime Saturday night…and then we had to wind down by watching just one more episode of Glee. 😉

cosmetic bags

I made the green polka dot one that looks like Flea Market Fancy. But I won’t pull the wool over anyone’s eyes…it’s a lovely home dec weight knock off. But I don’t care! I love the look and that’s the whole point. I’m not going to be a snob about it. But don’t get me wrong…if anyone wants to send me some of the real stuff or the real real stuff (the original feedsack) I’d happily accept!

cosmetic bags

I added a little polka dot ribbon zipper pool to mine and the lining is done in one of the henna garden prints. It matches perfectly!

cosmetic bags

I hope that my partner really likes it because it’s one of those things that I find difficult to let go of…but I know that I can make more. I can make the exact same one if I like. LOL. Still…

5 thoughts on “Cosmetic Bags”

  1. Those are great bags! I look forward to the tutorial! I'm impressed that you all were able to function so well at the sewing machine that late at night. 🙂

  2. Love the addition of the polka dot ribbon! Fabulous, fabulous!

    I think that we should meet again this weekend. After all, we never did the strawberry pillow (and I am cranky about that). I think this is enough excuse for Retreat Part II. 🙂

  3. I've made a bunch of these. I used her different measurements to make a pencil case for my grandson for back-to-school this year out of camo flannel I had left over. He's a first grader. I filled it with presharpened (teacher request) pencils with his name on them. I know what she means about presharpened pencils. I taught for 29 years and always hated that big line up at the pencil sharpener on the first day of school.

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