Crib Sheet Tutorial

Crib Sheet Tutorial

One of my favorite things I loved when setting up my daughter’s nursery was making her crib sheets. Every day I see the special fabric that I picked out just for her and know that I worked to make her bed the way that it is. It’s been a couple of years now, and we’re in a different climate that is turning cooler by the minute, so a new sheet is in order. This time I decided to go with flannel, but these instructions work for any fabric. (although I’ve never tried it with knit and I hear that it stretches a little differently).

The sheet that I make has elastic around the entire perimeter and french seams in the corners for a polished finished sheet.


• 2 yards of 45″ width cotton fabric – prewashed (tip: there is a little give in the length but not really in the width…you may even want to keep the selvage on for extra width)

• 2 yards of 1/4″ elastic

• thread to match


*these instructions are for an average US crib size. If your mattress varies significantly, you will want to adjust your measurements accordingly.*

Fold fabric in half lengthwise and then crosswise. You should have one corner where all four edges are raw.

Crib Sheet Tutorial

Next, cut an 8″ square from all four corners. With the fabric folded this way, you can cut all four layers at once. Measure in 8″ from each side of the corner of all raw edges (no folds) and cut.

Crib Sheet Tutorial

Put aside your 8″ square scraps for another project.

Crib Sheet Tutorial

Open the fabric and work with each corner separately. Take the two perpendicular cut edges at the corner and place them together, WRONG sides together. Pin in place.

Crib Sheet Tutorial

Sew a 1/4″ seam.

To create a finished french seam (we like things all pretty!), turn the corner seam inside out and press. Now the right sides of the fabric should be together.

Sew a 1/2″ seam.

Crib Sheet Tutorial

Admire your beautiful french seam!

Crib Sheet Tutorial

Now turn under the whole edge of the sheet a 1/4″ and press. Then turn the edge again a 1/2″ and pin in place. Stitch along the edge, leaving a small opening for your elastic.

Crib Sheet Tutorial

Insert the elastic through the casing and work it through the entire perimeter of the sheet. I’m not going to lie…this is the longest part of making this sheet. But I like having the continuous elastic around the sheet and having it concealed in the casing. So, I sit myself down in front of the tv and watch a show while I work that elastic through the casing. Then stitch together the elastic by overlapping the edges and sewing around edge.

Crib Sheet Tutorial

Stitch your opening closed and evenly distribute the elastic around the sheet. When you are happy with how the elastic is spaced, stitch a small stay stitch in each corner to help hold the elastic in place and prevent it from twisting.

Crib Sheet Tutorial

Put the sheet on your crib mattress and admire your handi work! A custom crib sheet in your favorite fabric.

Crib Sheet Tutorial

One of the original sheets from two years ago!  The bumper looked a little better two years ago. lol

20 thoughts on “Crib Sheet Tutorial”

  1. Thank you for this tut! I will seriously consider one for my little guy during winter 🙂
    I have found that the easiest way to get the elastic band around is to put a large-ish safety pin in one end and then push'n'pull that pin around.

  2. Great tutorial Angela! You make it look so easy. I was just looking at Cooper's crib sheets the other day and noticed how dingy they are– I just might need to make some up.

  3. Great tutorial! I made several crib sheets last year before our third son was born. I don't know why, but they were one of my favorite things to make when I was pregnant.

  4. Thank you for the tutorial! My grandson is just 9 months old and my daughter is having a blast sewing things for his room. I'm sending her the link to you post.

  5. I just made one using a pattern just like yours, but i like to look at others for tips. I had thought of tacking the elastic but dismissed it until you suggested it. I will go back to my first instinct and do that after I try it on his bed. Your pictures were also really helpful and clear. I have a tip i read and tried that really worked. Pin your safety pin and end of elastic to a plastic straw and feed that through. Makes it go a whole lot faster. Also, either way, be sure your French seams are ironed the same way so the straw (or pin if you just use that) won't get stuck in the casing at the corners. Thanks, and now off to check some of your other tutorials and patterns.

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