Curious Dream – My debut line for Windham Fabrics


Eeek!!!  I’m so excited you guys.  You can now see and shops can now order my fabric line for Windham Fabrics.

I feel very official that I can provide with you a link to the Windham site with my fabrics AND my look book for the line.  Click HERE to see them!  It’s been such a dream and I have definitely loved working with Windham.

I wrote this for my look book, but it so perfectly explains my feelings about the line that I’d like to share it here:

With my debut collection, Curious Dream, I was able to explore one of my favorite characters: Alice. Her illogical experiences in Wonderland have intrigued the curious side of myself.  In fact, I think Alice is so beloved by all of us because of the host of characters she encounters.  There are condescending flowers, mad queens, a disappearing cat, and of course, that white rabbit.

My fabric line is a modern and subtle take on this world and Alice’s adventures.  You will find actual text from the book, brief images of Alice, playing cards and that famous white rabbit.  But I want this line to be loved and used by all, so I made sure that there are plenty of stash worthy fabrics that play well with others.  The prints work beautifully together in a soft rainbow of colors.  But these fabrics will bring any collection to life.
Dive down the rabbit hole with me and embrace this new take on a beloved tale.  Curiouser and Curiouser!”
Curious yet?  Well here are the prints!  21 fabrics total all available in 100% cotton.
in Midnight
 Unlocked in Midnight
in Dandelion
Unlocked in Dandelion
in Lagoon
Unlocked in Lagoon
in Ink
Read Me in Ink
in Midnight
Read Me in Midnight
in Shell
Read Me in Shell
in Fog
Escape in Fog
in River
Escape in River
in Shell
Escape in Shell
in Coral
That Way in Coral
in River
That Way in River
in Storm
That Way in Storm
in Dandelion
That Way in Dandelion
in Midnight
Kismet in Midnight
in Shell
Kismet in Shell
in Delphinium
Kismet in Delphinium
in Storm
Kismet in Storm
in Parakeet
Jabberwocky in Parakeet
in Dandelion
Jabberwocky in Dandelion
in Lagoon
Jabber Wocky in Lagoon
in Vintage
Curious Dream in Vintage
I’ll be sharing more over the upcoming months…quilts designs, special photos, AND I get to go to quilt market.  So there will be tons of great fun with that.
The fabric will be available in stores this December!  So put it on your Christmas list!!

30 thoughts on “Curious Dream – My debut line for Windham Fabrics”

  1. Those print are beautiful. I love the most “Escape in Fog”, “Kismet in Midnight” and “That Way in River” fabrics. They are very modern and universal 🙂
    Congratulations and greetings from Poland

  2. Dear Angela, these fabrics you have designed are stunning, absolutely stunning. So sweet and inspirational. And keeping to the theme of Alice. The colours are brilliant. Everything seems to work, everything. You should be very, very proud my dear. Congratulations on all your labours to produce this.

  3. How wonderful! Congratulations on such a gorgeous collection of fabrics. Now, breathe deep and chill 🙂 You’ve earned it.

  4. I like Kismet and Read Me in Ink and That Way. Also when clicked on HERE to see look book nothing happened. Maybe just my phone?

  5. Awwwww all of these patterns are just wonderful. I adore the colors!
    I just photo’d my garden zinnias and sunflowers and that yellow is just really sunny!

  6. Those are some really fun prints Angela!! I love the colors: I’m so glad you included navy (my favorite dark), and the coral, the shell, the dandelion, and the parakeet are wonderful colors! This is going to be a fun collection!! Hugs, H

  7. Oh these are fabulous Angela! I will definitely be looking for your fabrics come December! I really love the variety in the prints you designed and also the colorways. A wonderful debut!

  8. I love the whole concept of this collection Angela! Fantastic! That text fabric is to die for and I love the keys. I will be searching for this collection and can’t wait to see all the quilt market posts!

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