Did it always take this long?

I don’t know…I must be spending all of my time organizing…because when I actually sit down to make a bee block I’m finding that I’m surprised at how long it takes! I think I’ve lost my perspective on all of this. lol I made what really looks like a very simple block for the VIBees and I’m shocked at how many hours it took me. Yes, I designed it from scratch (but again.. a simple concept) and yes I chose to paper-piece it to get the points nice and pointy…But still. I wouldn’t even let myself look at the clock to see what time it was. I just made myself finish it so I could be done. And seriously, when you see it, you’ll say…ummm…why did she take so long to make that block? I Don’t Know! I need to up my game! I have much more to do!!

But that being said, here is the block I made for Amy in VIBees. She wanted triangles and requested the outer two borders specifically. So this block did end up at 16.5″ square…but still… Oh well. It’s cute and she sent us really fun fabrics to work with. Darn her though…she wanted them back. 😉 I can’t blame her at all…but I would have been happy to keep them. LOL.

Did it always take this long

It’s a sweet block and I think her finished quilt will be lovely…I know that she has two bees working on this quilt I believe. So smart. So she’s going to get some really lovely blocks from a bunch of people!

I’m also honored to be invited to contribute a little charm square of fabric and a prayer for Kendra’s soon-to-be adopted daughter. I’m sending her a precious scrap of a favorite fabric, but I know that it is perfect for this project, so I happily turn it over. As most of you know, I understand dealing with infertility and the decisions that you have to make along the way. Adoption is a beautiful calling and I know that this little girl will be loved like no other!

Did it always take this long

And I was also honored when a reader contacted me this week and shared her story with me about the loss of a friend’s husband and the quilts she made to honor him and keep a memory of him. She happened to use one of my baby quilts as a model for the design of one of her quilts and I’m so pleased that it inspired her to create a gift that will be treasured forever.

You can read Amber’s story here at her blog Creatively Biased

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but quilts have a healing power…whether for the quilt maker or the future owner. It is such a special thing to give someone a quilt that they will treasure. I think that secretly that is why most of us quilt. Because we love to give them away and gift them to others.

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  1. Your block is beautiful, even if it did take a long time! It's funny how the things we think will be quick and easy turn out to be harder or more time consuming than we think, and vice versa! I made a block today, my first with curved seams, and it was easy-peasy! But I sure thought it would be a lot harder!

  2. Your bee block it great! And our we adopted our daughter when she was a wee 7 days old. At 21, she is 2 months away from graduating from university as a nurse. We are so very proud of her and love her to absolute bits. : )

  3. Love your block! Beautiful fabrics and design! I am more satisfied with spending time on sewing accurate, than finishing in a hurry. But it takes time…

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