The doll quilt is finished….so you know what that means…!!! A celebration!

*The giveaway is now closed*

Woohoo! The quilt is officially complete, label and all (which is pretty darn cute if you ask me!)


 doll quilt

Notice the little reference to Dorothy? I thought I was a genius when I came up that idea! LOL. Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make me happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

But….that quilt is complete and it’s time celebrate Angela style! So that means a giveaway! And not just any giveaway. Why it’s the giveaway of another mini quilt. If you’ve been following along, then you know what is coming. Otherwise, catch up. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We all know that there was no way that I was going to create a twin to the doll quilt, but I did promise that I would continue to give away mini quilts after the girl on a swing became so coveted. So here is the next addition to my attempts at mini quilts. I blogged about it a few days earlier, so you can go back and read more about it…but this is it:

 doll quilt

As yet unnamed quilt…maybe I’ll let the winner decide! But this pretty peacock could soon be yours. And what do you need to do to get some entries? Well there’s a few ways.

I’m very intrigued by everyone’s reaction to my doll quilt “Where Bluebirds Fly”.

 doll quilt

I did not set out to create something that got a lot of attention. But the reality is that it did. And I’m interested in why. I would love to hear what it is about the quilt that drew you to it especially. No “it’s just pretty” answers please. This is an honest attempt to understand what people are liking in the quilting world. This is not a beg for a compliments, but rather a request for solid information. (I don’t turn down compliments though ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) You can say as much as you like, but only one entry per comment on the quilt.

If you’ve done that and you still would like to have some more entries, then we’re going for some standards here.

You can blog about the giveaway on your blog and link back here.

You can add me as a link in your side bar on your blog.

You can become a follower or tell me that you are already one.

And hey, since it’s my blog and my giveaway, you can get another entry by leaving a comment telling me how cute my Caitlyn is…because I don’t ever get tired of hearing it. LOL.

 doll quilt

 doll quilt

So that’s it…can’t wait to hear what you all have to say and good luck to everyone. This is a random drawing so it doesn’t matter how deep your affection is for either quilt…it’s all up to the random generator!

 doll quilt

Good luck! The giveaway is open until the end of September 6th (central time?) because that is when all the doll quilts need to be mailed out and when my other mini quilt needs to be mailed out. It’s just a good deadline for me! LOL.

 doll quilt

PS. as always…make sure that there is a way to contact you!!

130 thoughts on “The doll quilt is finished….so you know what that means…!!! A celebration!”

  1. i never thought quilting was a form of art until ive seen some of these modern quilters like you and aneela from comfortstitching. its amazing how you can actually create an artwork by piecing together bits of scraps. and your freehand quilting gives it a whole new dimension for the audience to oohhh and ahhh at. i love it! i cant wait to try it myself…need to build up my scraps and get a little better at piecing. i have trouble even trying to match scraps together. maybe im overthinking.

    anywho…thanks for the giveaway and your little girl is so precious. love her curls.

  2. from Ruthiequilts:

    " I love, love, love your quilt! This one along with your DQS! Since Kimmie has received hers, I was sure it (DQS) was for one of us (being the Wizard of Oz geeks!!!) But alas, no! Whoever gets it is a lucky duck and I should try bribing them for it or something! This is gorgeous too! Your quilts just get better and better"

  3. I am really intrigued by using the doll quilt to tell a story rather than just using your basic quiltin/piecing methods and styles. I love the stark contrast between light and dark and your applique is amazing!

  4. what can i say that hasn't already been said? ๐Ÿ™‚

    i love the detail and the fact that every time you look at it, you find something you didn't notice before. plus i love the whimsy of it all – the gnomes, mermaids, and unicorn (and of course the poor normal peon hauling a bit of hay…is he a work-a-holic or the only one that's not a bum? still deciding.)

    p.s. gimme that peacock!

  5. I love your quilt because it came out of your mind, heart and spirit – it is unique and I love the tension between the dark and sombre colours and the light and joyful colours. There is more to see each time you look at it. I really love that the division is asymmetrical – I don't know why but I really think its neat.

  6. Your Caitlynn is cute – but I am partial as I have my own Caitlin – now 21 – it seems like only yesterday she was a little bitty sweetie like your lovely daughter.

  7. Your Caitlyn is SOOO CUTE!!! The curly mop of hair, the little teeth, those intense eyes, and all that adorable baby fat!
    I believe she's the prettiest artwork you've ever made! (Be sure you don't swap her, I think she's a keeper for sure!)

  8. To me, besides the creativity of it, what draws the attention is that the color side reminds me of old tapestries or illuminations and the other is more like the sketch in a story book–a bit more modern. I like the contrast of the two.

  9. As for your quilt, when I first saw the black and white witches, I could not imagine what you were making, but as the story grew I wondered how come some people have all the imagination (that should be shared with me). To see the completed quilt is amazing, your colours, stitching and quilting, and the fact that it tells a story is great. Your Peacock quilt is another masterpiece, and would be welcome to live with me.

  10. Okay….onto the big question.
    For me, the complexity of the story was astounding! The story was so clear and yet inconclusive, open to my own interpretation and imagination. I know you have your own story within the quilt, and there are obvious references to OZ. But there is also a children's story in there too! There are some amazing characters there, they just lack some words. Wouldn't it be cool to write a picture book, based on that scene, using photo's of a quilt instead of illustrations.

  11. I'm also one of the DQS mamas and I think you have found your calling! Perhaps you will take over my spot someday as the new angel mama? I think you loved every minute of making your quilt because THAT shows!!! And, I also bet that you're disappointed that it's over because otherwise you wouldn't be having this nice giveaway and getting suggestions for further inspiration. I know how you feel! Doll sized quilts are my favorite too! Keep up the fantastic work!

  12. I love your doll quilt, it's so unique and all these little details are amazing. But what draws me most is the "dark side"!! I fell in love with it when you first started showing your progress. It reminds me so much of the drawings of Paul Flora, one of my favorite artists. I love the wonky house, the witches dancing around their cauldron and the black kitty ๐Ÿ™‚
    I don't blog myself, so I always feel I should not sign up for give-aways, but I love the peacockn so much and it would fit perfectly on my yellow bedroom walls ๐Ÿ˜‰
    contact info:

  13. "Where Blue Birds Fly" is an amazing quilt because….does this sound like a school assignment?!… is a quilt that tells a very ellabroate story on a very small scale. Your details are amazing. Each piece contributes to the whole both in color and texture. Additionally, there is nothing else like it. Sometimes what is different is what attracks.

    Caitlyn is beautiful. I asked God for a little girl, and he sent me three wonderful boys. I pray that there is a Caitlyn out there waiting for them. Her smile will be the world to one man someday.


  14. Oh Wow !!!! Love your quilts!!!! But I have already told you that many times :)!!! Why well, I LOVE a quilt that tells a story/has a statement to make!! And yours definatly does!!! I LOVE how these things can come alive and one little idea just grows and grows and grows as if it has a life of its own, again yours does :)!! true art !!!

  15. And of course, you know that I have a soft spot for the wee little girls !!! Too bad that we live so far apart as I think that our little ones could have alot of fun together :)!!! Yours is Adorable !!!!

  16. When Bluebirds Fly appeals to me on so many levels. It's whimsical, wonderous, mythical, fantastical. It's busy and colorful and yet calm and soothing. It's dream-like and I have so many dreams every night, this really fits into my dream world. All you need is snakes and sharks to be complete! lol DON'T add them! This is my perfect dreamworld!

    Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful peacock, Twee!

  17. and you're already on my blog roll on the side bar!

    i'm going to wait to blog about it and post another comment on here, because i'm trying to spread out my entries!

  18. your quilt strikes my fancy because of the details obviously involved in planning and making the quilt. also the contrast between day and night…and of course the cherry on top, its also a 'feel it' quilt. I can imagine closing my eyes and still seeing an interesting, detailed picture just by the touching it.