The Doll Quilt Swap 10 begins!

Well, it’s official! I’m in the Doll Quilt Swap again! Woohoo!

We don’t have partner information yet, but we probably will by the end of the week. I’ve officially added the new blog button to my site here. And no, it was not one of the ones that I designed, but I really didn’t expect it to be. The top two were actually my two favorites as well. So I wouldn’t have minded if either one had won. But Amy’s super cute doll holding a VERY miniature circle of flying geese quilt was perfect. And yes, you should all be extremely impressed with her work with miniatures, because that little quilt she made is only about 4″ square! And I know a lot of us to know how hard the 12″ square version is. She’s ridiculously talented over there in Australia.

My mind is a whirl with ideas for a quilt but none seems quite right yet. Hopefully, I’ll be inspired by what my partner has in their mosaic, photostream, favorites, or blog. Last time I knew what I wanted to make and made it. Maybe I’ll go a different route this time. It’s hard when you know that your method worked before and did quite well in fact.

I promise to have a post with pictures soon. I’ve finished two of my bees for the month and am waiting on the fabric for the others. I’ve been organizing my scraps of fabric…and let’s just say that I have a ridiculous amount and one of the fabric challenge prizes will definitely be a scrap bag of glorious scraps. LOL. It’s just slightly embarrassing. And every day I try to get just a bit more done on my pink quilt for my niece…you know… her “Christmas present”. Sigh…you can’t do everything.

Oh, and I spent a great amount of time trying to respond at least once to everyone who commented on the last post. Boy did you all like that topic. LOL. If you didn’t get a response from me, it is because the internet lost it in some weird transaction somewhere along the way or because you don’t have an email address available with your comments. This becomes particularly difficult when someone asks anonymously and doesn’t provide an email. So I do my best…but I can’t be on the computer all day (despite what my husband thinks!).


4 thoughts on “The Doll Quilt Swap 10 begins!”

  1. I am so excited for Round 10 too! It's my first time participating, and you guys are all so inspiring! I think it is going to be tons of fun!

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