The Doll Quilt Swap 10 is calling to me…

I really want to work on my pinky pink pink quilt that is hanging on the design wall (mainly because I just want the satisfaction of finishing it!). But I wanted to put together some of the ideas that I have floating around in my head for my doll quilt. I know you’ll all be shocked, but I am going to do another story quilt. I seriously considered doing a really complex star…because I want to do that too. But this particular partner just cried out for a story quilt. (I’ve got your attention now, don’t I?) I’m keeping the identity of my partner firmly under wraps..only myself and my swap mama know.

So what’s on this little quilt? Well, it’s whimsical of course. I can’t imagine creating without whimsy. So there are paper hat boats, sailor boys, and sweet girl and sea life galore. A sky that will range in color from dawn to dusk with stars and a moon with a mountain top background. It sounds very pretty when I describe it all written out like this. So I hope that once again it carries a little magic with it.

I put together a pretty rough sketch that I scanned to the computer and everyone on Flickr has already been so sweet about it. It’s very rough! LOL.

Doll Quilt Swap 10


No colors or anything yet…it’s all still percolating in my head. I do know a few of the fabrics that I will be using, but I’m not quite sure on most of it yet… or exactly how big it will be. I find that often depends on the scale of the fabrics and I have to work around those. I’m not super keen on the idea of totally piecing the sailor boys and appliquing them. But if I did that Harold and the Purple Crayon quilt, then I can do this! Always stretch yourself. There has to be something in there that scares me just a little to make it all worth it. 😉

I’ve already had a couple of very sweet offers of fabric sharing to attain certain parts of the design. And I’m not turning anyone down…so if you have a fabric with sailors on it, give me a holler! LOL.

So, what do you think? Would you be happy with something like this?

9 thoughts on “The Doll Quilt Swap 10 is calling to me…”

  1. I just love your design. It's the one on flickr I'm most keeping my eye on. I am a big fan of quilts with a story. Although suspect I'm not your partner. (I don't know why I suspect that -maybe it's because I can't believe I'd be *THAT* lucky) lol

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