Doll Quilt Swap Update!

Well, I’m coming up on the deadline for the Doll Quilt Swap quite quickly…so many people have already shipped theirs out.  But I’m still working away.  I need to finish this up before I do anything else so that I can have it done in time.  So you may just be seeing this little quilt for a bit.  I’ll see how much I can multi-task.  😉

This is a secret swap so my partner does not know that I am making a quilt for her.  Fun!  There is a story behind this quilt, but it must be revealed with the quilt itself because that would COMPLETELY give away who will be the future owner.  I did some more work on the upper part of the quilt last night…

Doll Quilt Swap Update

I added in those mountains piece by piece.  Layering each over the next one.  They are just fused in place right now but they will be appliqued with thread when I quilt it.  And the little village houses are a sweet addition to the mountainscape.  I still need to add the moon and some more stars as well as some detail on the houses, but some of that will come with the quilting.

So here is where I am currently.  I have the top and bottom pieces together.  So from now on, you are seeing the finished quilt size.  I still need to add three sailor boys to the ship…that is probably what I will tackle next!

Doll Quilt Swap Update

Edited to link to Lynne’s Fresh Sewing Day.


Fresh Sewing Day @ Lily's Quilts

25 thoughts on “Doll Quilt Swap Update!”

  1. Wow. I know you were worried about living up to expectations, but this is just so lovely. I can't wait to read the story behind it, another amazing and inspiring work

  2. I already have my quilt so I know this beauty is not for me. I am in awe of your talent with this kind of quilt design and execution. I hope that one day the Mama's will see fit to make me your partner (receiving parter – I dunno that I could cope with the stress of making for someone so talented!)

  3. Holy moley.. I LOVE it! I love the detailing.. although I'd have to say my favorite is the large boat.. your fabric selection reminds me of a boat made out of newspaper print! So whimsical and beautiful.

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