25 thoughts on “DQS10 progress”

  1. The Zoo Keeper-ette

    Yeah, me too- you are incredible!! You hold the record on amazing doll quilts I think 🙂 Another WOW!! It is breathtaking!

  2. I love how this is coming along. I'm curious, how did you get started in this type of quilting. Did you just wing it or take a class. I'd like to branch out and try more applique and story-type or art quilts. Just wondering where you learned your techniques. You do fabulous, fun work.

  3. I'm doing a project with my sister–note cards and I've been doing sketches of sand castles and sail boats. I wonder how you'd feel if I also made my boats paper boats? I might like to try them in the back ground of my sand castle. It's done in ink, pastel and I would collage the boats if the design works.

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