The Emmeline Apron

The Emmeline Apron is another fun project that I completed. This is a popular pattern found easily for purchase on sewliberated. I was enchanted by others’ version of the pattern and happily ordered this pattern to make one of my very own. And I admit that I’m pretty pleased with my results. Of course, it’s hard to go wrong with a sweet pattern and Amy Butler prints.

One of the perks and minuses of this pattern is that it is two sided. It’s lovely because you get two aprons in one, but that’s also what makes this pattern more difficult than your typical apron. The two sides don’t really need to match at all, they just both need to match the fabric used for the ties and binding (the yellow polka dot on mine). So I picked two beautiful and different Amy Butler prints. They showcase beautifully on this pattern because you get to see so much of the fabric.

The pattern itself was pretty easy to follow. The biggest hiccup I had was attaching the ties. I had a mental block at that point. I found that was the moment that I needed the most pictures and that was where there were the least. But I persevered and finally figured it out. Normally this wouldn’t be a hard part to a pattern, but this pattern was pretty difficult for me to follow at this step. Of course, maybe I was just having a bad moment. 😉

I read some other’s reviews of this pattern before I tried it and wish that I had followed one person’s recommendation in particular to make the ties around the neck into two pieces instead of the one continuous loop. I find that the neckline is a little long for me. I also wish that I had put interfacing in both pieces surrounding the bodice top. The pattern only calls for interfacing in one of them, but the other could really use it too.

This is such a pretty apron that sometimes I have to force myself to use it because I don’t want to get it dirty! But then I have to remind myself that I can always make another one! Everyone who sees it loves it. I bet you would too.

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