Fab Little Quilt Swap – Received!!

Oh I’ve been itching to show you all my mini quilt that I received from the lovely Freida, freidazzzz, last Friday. It arrived in the craziness of the final days of the competition and I wanted to make sure that it gets the attention it deserves…because she truly did a lovely job!

Fab Little Quilt Swap

She nailed my tastes! From the Aqua Blue to the Heather Ross to the Fussy Cut Stars and the Hand Stitching. Every detail is just wonderful.

Just look at these fish!!

Fab Little Quilt Swap

And the princesses?! With polka dots. I’m SUCH a sucker for polka dots.

Fab Little Quilt Swap

The hand stitching is so fun and the scrappy flying geese are filled with delicious tidbits of special fabrics. She was really trying to squeeze in all of my favorites!

Fab Little Quilt Swap

And here’s an example of being truly spoiled in a swap. Look at the extra goodies she sent!! Everything was individually wrapped and it was so fun to unwrap it all. Like Christmas!

There are lovely hand crocheted wash cloths (my husband was very excited by those and we use them every day). She gave me a delightful amount of extra Mendocino Heather Ross fabric that I will definitely put to good use. There were yummy chocolates and even a package just for Caitlyn. How sweet is that?

Fab Little Quilt Swap

Here’s Caitlyn unwrapping her present. It was a coloring book just for her with special markers. I adore Freida even more for getting the non messy kind. 😉

Fab Little Quilt Swap

So thank you, thank you, thank you Freida!! I feel utterly spoiled and am so pleased with my new mini!!

22 thoughts on “Fab Little Quilt Swap – Received!!”

  1. Oh wow, lucky you! Frieda always does such amazing, precise work. I'm so glad you were the recipient and that you did such a nice feature on her quilt! She also made me a washcloth, but I'm afraid to use it, it's too nice!

  2. That mini quilt is absolutely lovely, lucky lucky you! And with all the goodies, I'm sure it was a bit like Christmas in March. 🙂

  3. Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts

    Oh my goodness it is just fabulous! What a lovely, lovely mini and such a thoughtful set of gifts. 🙂

  4. Oh, wow! What beautiful work! It's this exact kind of thing that makes me want to join a swap and yet terrified to do so. Maybe once my skills improve… 🙂

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