Fabric Diet Check In – Week 1

Okay everyone,
it’s confession time! Did you make it through the first week with no fabric purchases? Or did you succumb to your favorite fabric for fear that it will no longer be available in 8 weeks (Kelly?!)? Fess up! Don’t worry…I’ll keep track of who stayed on the path and who was lead astray by the beauties of fabric.

Did you do a swap or get a gift of great fabric? Did a package that you ordered before we started come and ease your need to buy more fabric (for this week!)?

I must say it was a mixed bag for me. I’ll say that I WAS successful in not purchasing any fabric. But boy do I want to! I’m surprised at how fabrics call to me from the computer. I’m not even seeing them in person (I can’t handle that much temptation!) but I’m still finding things that I love. Part of my way of coping was to list in great detail the fabrics that I like for my future partner in Make Mine Modern. It made me happy to know that I might be getting some through that avenue.

But I really think that I have found more online fabric stores this week than ever before. The computer is tempting me!!! Irony has been my companion. But I’m using my favorites button like crazy and it will be interesting to see what I still NEED to have after the 8 weeks are up.

I am working on a quilt from my blocks from the Pretty in Pink Bee (more on that later) and I have been pulling from my stash and seaming fabrics together in an effort to use just my stash and not purchase anything new. It’s amazing how happy it makes me to finally use some of these fabrics. But I was just looking at it today trying to figure out what fabric to use for a border…and let me tell you…the one I want to use I do not have. But guess what? Who cares? I have so many beautiful fabrics, I will find something else! I’m going to “Make it work!” Tim Gun Style.

Kelly and I decided that this needed to be the motto for this fabric diet. In an effort to just use our stash, we need to “Make it Work!”. Now if you don’t know who Tim Gun is then you are probably not from the US. If you are from the US and you read this blog and you still don’t know who Tim Gun then let me know and I can point you in the direction of a classy man who always encourages his students to figure out their problems with what they have on hand and “Make it Work”.

So tell us how you did! We’re here to support, be jealous of any purchases, and then later ask you to swap something with us. 😉


57 thoughts on “Fabric Diet Check In – Week 1”

  1. I've done well so far even though I've given myself one free pass for a baby quilt that may need a little bit more fabric. But so far the pass hasn't been used!

  2. I made it through week one definitely a challenge, I only bought batting and thread at the fabric store…made my son come in hoping that would deter me from looking at fabric, it worked so far.

  3. I made it through last week…I can't believe how much time and energy I was spending looking at and purchasing fabric that I didn't need for anything in particular. One week down.

  4. I think I made it because the fabric I paid for on the 2nd was a product of a purchase convo on etsy that I sent out in dec. That counts as a december purchase right?

  5. Hi, I am drooling over some silk to use in a machine embroidery project, but have decided to put it off a month and then hopefully again next month….So far 10 placemats out of some red and black and whites that were left over from a last year's project!

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