Fabric Diet Check In – Week 2

Alright, everyone!

It’s confession time again. 😉 How did we all do this week? I’ve already confessed my purchases which took place right after last week’s check-in so I almost wrote that I didn’t buy anything. It’s just been a (gasp!) whole 6 days and that feels like forever.

I even went to our Modern Quilt Guild Meeting last night which was at a fabric store with plenty of fabric on sale, but I resisted purchasing anything. And you know what? It felt really good to do that. I know that I would have bought a few things otherwise and I’m not sure that I really need them. In fact, there is only one that I can think of that I want to go back and get at the end of this. And if it is still on sale (or maybe more on sale!) then I will be getting enough to back a quilt…because it just speaks to me. (But not in a creepy I’m insane kind of way).

I also did a couple of swaps that make me very happy. And I’m working on organizing my fabric so that is a healthy reminder of the amount of fabric that I already have.

So tell us all how your week went. Two down, 6 to go…I know we can do this! But let’s have a little extra motivation…regardless of whether your diet was “successful” this week or not, also let us know what is your best tip for avoiding buying fabric. I have a few methods, but I don’t want to steal anyone’s ideas.

And…the best tip might just get a little prize! Just for helping us out so much! 😉

So confess and support!


59 thoughts on “Fabric Diet Check In – Week 2”

  1. So far so good I really wanted to to to the fabric store yesterday but I went to the bookstore instead and bought I love patchwork, great book for project ideas to use my stash, this is only the second week, 6 more to go can I make it…don't know but I have 2 more books with ideas I bought Elizabeth Hartman's book last week. Seems I still have a quilting addiction one track mind and all. Well that and food but I also agreed to 12 weeks of dieting at work. Read, sew, read, sew …keep mind off of fabric and food.

  2. I made it through another week! Winning a giveaway this week that included fabric was a wonderful treat, and meant I didn't need to purchase my fix! Hmmm, I wonder if I can find and win enough giveaways to make it through the next 6 weeks?
    My trick for not buying? Enter lots of giveaways and pray you win something, or do a swap!

  3. I need a jury decision. At the thrift store I was able to buy 2 cotton sheets, 3 cotton shirts and a pair of linen pants for $6. My intention is to someday cut them up for quilts. Do I have to count them as fabric?

  4. I didn't buy any fabric this week! It helps that I am also doing a weekly stash report and would have to count the additions, plus as my husband and I were in Prague this weekend, there was only one fabric store with one shelf of quilting fabric and none of it was good.

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