Fabric Diet Check In – Week 3

Well, it’s that time again! Confessions! How did we all do? Do you have glorious fabric that you bought this week (Kelly?!) or were you able to resist the call of the siren?

You all gave a number of great tips last week on how to avoid fabric. The main consensus seemed to be to avoid temptation. For some of you that means avoiding the brick and mortar stores and for others that means deleting tempting emails about fabric sales. But some of you are really hard core! I love it! LOL.

I think that my favorite tip was from Lindsay who said “To avoid buying I have just stopped looking… mostly… and I deleted the more addicting sites from my browser for now. I only kept the site I use for my Kona solids. “ Now that is dedication! I’d be afraid that I wouldn’t find those sites again. LOL.

So Lindsay, send me your address and I’ll send a little something your way!!

Another favorite tip was to organize your fabric and literally see how much fabric you already own. That personally is probably what is keeping me sane…although it’s a double edged sword. Because while I may see what I have, I also see what I don’t have!

And I’m so proud of everyone who is doing swaps instead of purchasing! Yes, there is still some money spent in shipping. But you are getting rid of the stash that you don’t need/want and getting in those more important pieces. That’s going to be my plan of attack even more after I organize. I did already set up one major swap that I’m very excited about with the lovely cilvee. And I’m mentally compiling the fabrics that I’m ready to let go…

It’s getting harder…but I think swaps could be the answer! That way you still have that high of packages coming in the mail! 😉 So let’s get some swaps going. There are a couple of groups over on Flickr set up for just this purpose if you haven’t checked them out yet.

65 thoughts on “Fabric Diet Check In – Week 3”

  1. I did it this week! It helps that my sister unloaded ALL of her fabric on me (I have yet to count up how much, but let's say about 40 lbs!) so lots of free fabric. 🙂 I want to take pictures so I can swap some of it out.

  2. no purchases this week!
    I think I have enough fabric for a quilt I am working on.

    I also went through my stash and reorganized into two main sections- Fabric I have a purpose for and fabric I dont. It seems silly- but I found a couple of panels that I want to make into wall hanging etc. that I forgot about. I also found a baby quilt im itching to make!

    This week I found someone who needed a swap that I could help out with. This is the first time for each of us. I cant wait for my packages (its a mystery whats in it) and I mailed hers out today!

    So far so good!

  3. I bought a metre of Kona Robin's Egg for my DQS10 project – I don't feel guilty about that. I would love to know more about swaps. I joined one Flickr group to check it out, but what I want to understand is how you determine what to swap for what. Like is it usually a one for one kind of thing? What if what you're giving away is more sought-after than what you've asked for, for example.

  4. yep, swaps are definitely the answer. i survived another week without buying any fabrics, and arranged a few more swaps! hopefully i'll start getting some yummy swap fabric mail in a week or so, just in time for my birthday. this could very well be a birthday without any birthday fabric binge =O

  5. I'm still in it too! Wish my food diet was doing as well, lol. I'm going to a sew-in tomorrow and I'm going to organize a dice game. It's called Left, Right, Center and you play with 3 items. We're using fat quarters. Everybody brings 3 and one person will win ALL of them. I think we have 12 people playing. I have butterflies in my stomach thinking about winning 36 FQ's. Wish me luck!

  6. I'm sewing…and you are right-I realize I don't have enough solids. However, I have cut out 9 zippy bags, made about 10 coffee coozies, and made a Valentine's Day banner all from my stash. I does feel good to actually uses these fabrics.

    It's SO hard to resist those sale emails. I have been deleting them before I can get a peek of the fabric I won't be buying (sigh). Now that I read your post I am realizing I will have to stock up on solids. I'm saving up for the shopping spree!

  7. I have survived so far. Question if you buy a sheet and think that you might use it for fabric in a quilt does that count as buying fabric?? I have not done this but last night it nearly happened.

    Where do you find swaps???

  8. I am going to a swap at a bricks and mortar store tomorrow! I DO have some fabric I'm not particularly fond of, and I'm hoping there will be some fabric there that I can swap for it and go home feeling good! My sister is coming and will twist my arm if I go near the check-out counter with fabric in tow!

  9. I did buy some fabric this week, a lot of fabric, but some one else paid for it. It's for a commissioned quilt, my first, and the buyer sent a check for 50%, and that covered the fabric +.

  10. Ohhh I think Alexandra should share! A bit of fabric withdrawal going on here as I still haven't bought anything. I've even been in the quilt store but didn't look at anything, just paid for the retreat I signed up for! Next week there's a big sale at the other store I go to, the one across the border. If my friend agrees to drive with me….well I'm afraid my report won't be so positive …

  11. I didn't buy fabric again, but I was more tempted this week than the previous two weeks. Luckily I won a HUGE fabric giveaway – a FQ bundle of soul blossoms – so that's going to hold me over for a while, hopefully!

  12. My name is Sarah and I'm a fabricaholic. I have been clean for 3 weeks now .. YAY!!

    To be honest, it hasn't been that hard as I don't have a spare penny for anything until payday, but I have continued with my masochistic browsing of online stores …

    I quite enjoy putting a whole load of stuff in my basket and then not checking it out … LOL! I feel so virtuous afterwards and then even more so when I go back and look at what I chucked in there and didn't really need …

    I'd be up for a bit of swapsies …

    Keep strong ladies … only 5 weeks to go …

  13. Whew another week down! I am getting seriously low on some Kona, but hopefully I can manage. Was there a consensus of using Gift Cards? I have one and I just found the shop owner is trying to sell the shop so if it does not count I would love to use my little GC there in the next couple of weeks!

  14. I made it through again too, although I have bought other stuff instead! I still seem to be coping ok just using my stash but I think I might have to consider a bit of swapping soon!

  15. Oops, I had a setback this week…I visited a brick and mortar shop and bought what I needed (1 metre for binding my UFO) and what I didn't need (charm packs and FQs). Doh….

  16. I fell off the wagon.. but it was only solids. Does that make it better? I was doing really well until I ran out of Kona Chocolate for a baby quilt due next thursday… so I went to Joanns and they were having a Kona sale:( I feel guilty but at least I saved some money too…

  17. I didn't buy any fabric this week. It makes it easier that the local PWS is still out of action! I don't know how I will cope when they have a re-opening sale….will have to look into the swapping!

  18. I havent bought anything this week and been good, but mostly with credit to receiving some fabric swaps!!
    and for those thinking about 8 weeks, think glass half full that there is only 5 more weeks left! Thats practically only a month 🙂

  19. sorry, just had to comment again …

    Seriously, ladies … now … why on earth would solids be different from any other fabric eh? LOL!

    You see how devious we become when we're deprived, Angela? This is all your doing!

  20. No purchases this week – and for the simple reason I was too busy with work. I do need to start looking for fabric for a quilt I want to make for a friend and her favorite color is orange… a color my stash is lacking. Don't know how much longer I will hold out.

  21. ACK! I had to buy fabric for a friend for some wedding stuff and oh…oh…OH…that tipped me right off of the wagon…not only am I swapping (Angela, I can't wait!), I am also shopping! *slap on the wrist* Online shopping is not my friend…
    I haven't checked in before, but at this point I need me some accountability!

    I promise I'll do better next week!