Fabric Diet Check In – Week 4

Okay everyone…how are we doing? It’s getting harder isn’t it? I’m making a mental list (and will probably start making an actual list) of the fabrics that I really do want to own…and try to avoid the “trends”. That way I can begin to swap for fabric or perhaps sell off some of my stash. That would be good too.

I have successfully managed not to purchase any fabric…yes, even with the news that Aunt Bea’s Fabric Store is closing and the facebook code for a 15% discount over at sew mama sew and the $3.95 fabric deals going on at Fabric.com. (As you can see, I clearly still look at all the fabric!) I’ve been busy doing many swaps! Yay! So I should have a number of fun packages arriving in the mail with new to me fabrics. And I haven’t even begun to start really pulling from my stash what I would like to swap. That will be when I get it more organized. I’m well through the blue fabric now… so that leaves the second half of the blues, the purples, browns, blacks, creams, and some print on cream, and solids, and large yardage…..

okay…see why I’m on a diet!

So let’s hear it. I have a feeling that I might be living vicariously through some of you with your happy purchases. Did anybody check out the swap groups and get something going?

54 thoughts on “Fabric Diet Check In – Week 4”

  1. I was good this week and remained on the fabric diet. I have now stopped "browsing" so much online to avoid the temptation. Hoping for a great week.

  2. Woohoo, another week of not buying fabric. This was a tough week. I was in a class in a quilt shop and found another shop with super yummy fabrics. My s-i-l called yesterday to tell me about the sale at hobby lobby. I might go window shopping this weekend. Just to test my self-control. But only after I get the homework done.

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