Fabric Diet Check In – Week 4

Okay everyone…how are we doing? It’s getting harder isn’t it? I’m making a mental list (and will probably start making an actual list) of the fabrics that I really do want to own…and try to avoid the “trends”. That way I can begin to swap for fabric or perhaps sell off some of my stash. That would be good too.

I have successfully managed not to purchase any fabric…yes, even with the news that Aunt Bea’s Fabric Store is closing and the facebook code for a 15% discount over at sew mama sew and the $3.95 fabric deals going on at Fabric.com. (As you can see, I clearly still look at all the fabric!) I’ve been busy doing many swaps! Yay! So I should have a number of fun packages arriving in the mail with new to me fabrics. And I haven’t even begun to start really pulling from my stash what I would like to swap. That will be when I get it more organized. I’m well through the blue fabric now… so that leaves the second half of the blues, the purples, browns, blacks, creams, and some print on cream, and solids, and large yardage…..

okay…see why I’m on a diet!

So let’s hear it. I have a feeling that I might be living vicariously through some of you with your happy purchases. Did anybody check out the swap groups and get something going?

54 thoughts on “Fabric Diet Check In – Week 4”

  1. Yeah… The Aunt Bea's closing. I totally blame Ashley over at Film in the Fridge for bringing that to my attention. I should have ignored it… But I followed the link.
    And suddenly, there was fabric in my cart. And oh, look at that one! And that one!

    In my defense, I only spent what was in my "allowance", which is my Paypal account as I destash on Etsy, which was pretty reasonable. But yeah. BUSTED! 10 lashes with a wet noodle, and then back on the wagon with me!

  2. it was SO HARD not to buy anything from aunt bea's closing sale, but i did it! i put things in my shopping cart, stared at them, closed the browser, and only to reopen it again 5 minutes later, and more staring ensued… but i resisted it, and didn't buy anything! i did, however, set up even more swaps this week and i'm on my way to finally completing my mendocino collection, yay!

  3. I broke my diet. But I had to, the fabric store closest to me had some fabrics at 75% off and others at buy 1 get 2 free!!! I needed fabric for a mug rug swap and a block swap. But I am getting right back on the diet!!

  4. You already know the answer to this one. EPIC diet failure! I am buying a lot less. I really think about my purchaes and have only bought the fabrics I've craved for months instead of minutes.

  5. i was a good girl, although it's getting really hard now. i think making lists with must-have fabrics is a good idea…i probably will have to buy some background fabrics for some swaps (for my dqs & mug rug) anyway next week so i could add some extra 'guilty fabrics' as well…but only thinking of it makes me feel bad *lol*.
    i'm still thinking of you and hope you'll get some sleep!

  6. I was good this week, I made my diet, and I definetly did NOT click the link to Aunt Bea's sale………..that would probably have done me in. In fact, I only looked at fabric stores online once this week and that was this morning for 2 minutes before I had to leave to go to work. I am so proud of myself, but I have been using sooooooooooooooooo much out of my stash and I think that makes me even happier than new fabric. But I know within the next week or so, I will be falling off the wagon, I am hoping I can do it all in one day though!!! I have a few quilts I am going to need backing fabric for, I am putting them all in one pile so I can get it all at once.

  7. I'm still on the diet but BARELY! Aunt Bea was almost the end for me. I sure had fun looking around her shop. I have my fingers crossed that I'll win something from the Moda Bake Shop Progressive dinner. That might help me stay on my diet a little longer. I recently used up 3 charm packs and a jelly roll that I've had for several years. That's a good thing.

  8. Still managing not to buy- but it really helped that the local quilt shop has closed for a week for a re-furb! I hope you manage a better nights sleep- keep taking the tablets! xxx

  9. yes, definitely harder this week, other than the fact that I had absolutely no money to spare for even a cup of coffee at work!

    Monday is pay day so I'm afraid I may have to fall off the wagon – I'm in a swap where none of my fabric colours or patterns really match my secret partner in any way … so I may have to shell out for a little solids charm pack … but whatever I do buy will be going straight back out … and I can't get started on the swap until I have something to play with!

    (well that's my excuse!)

    but the difference is that I won't be going mental barmy like I normally do …

    Do hope you get some sleep …

  10. Well the fabric I ordered on 31st – got lost and had to be sent again, finally arrived this week. I thought maybe having that to look forward to was the major thing that kept me going and maybe I'd fall off the wagon once that was here. However, today, despite being unwell and in need of a little cheering and hearing there was a closing down sale of one of the UK suppliers – I have managed to resist. I still look – but I'm crediting you guys and the weekly check in, with keeping me on the straight and narrow. So big thanks and hugs there!

  11. I bought about $25 in spur of the moment fabric last week, hello kitty at a quilt shop. How could I pass it up when I have a 6 year old daughter? Then I picked up a yarn and 3/4 of fabric to make a tiered valentines skirt for my daughter. That is it for the past two weeks.

  12. I'm still holding strong on the diet – but it helped me that I had six boxes of donated fabrics to paw through! I spent large chunks of time this week sorting through lots of pretty, and even some vintage, fabrics, organizing them before taking them upstairs and adding them to the stash for the quilt ministry. So I have new stuff to play with, but didn't break my diet!! Woohoo!!

    Hope you get some sleep today and get feeling much better – very soon!!

  13. The sale at Aunt Bea's got me — I had been looking for the Weekend Bicycles and the Park Slope orange print for a while and they were on sale and, yeah, I failed. Back on the wagon I go.

  14. I needed some cheering up yesterday buuuuuuuut I managed to delete my cart (with fabric for nearly 200$ in it. Shoking, I know) So I am still on diet but I will need to get some swap fabrics the next weeks. I sorted my stash this week and will try to swap all fabrics that I think I will not use within a year or that I already used quite often.

  15. no purchases here this week 🙂 Yeah for me! But its been hard that is for sure.
    Sorry your still not feeling well. I totally understand as I had to do a dr trip myself on Wednesday

  16. I made it through another week but it is getting much harder – I have written a list of fabrics I want to buy and even have a shopping cart saved at the Fat Quarter Shop! I'm not sure I'll last another 4 weeks!

  17. I have been strong and resisted for 3 weeks – this week not so much – found some very sweet Liberty fabrics on ebay – perfect for a project I need to do in a month's time – and they could be gone!!…so, I get a 'Fail' on my paper this week..sigh…

    Hope you are feeling better very very soon!!!

  18. Proud to say I haven't bought any fabric… yet. I am definitely making a list of fabrics I want to buy when this diet is over. Its been really hard to resist some fabrics and there have been some really great deals, but I'm really glad I am on this diet.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  19. I didn't buy anything AGAIN!! But I keep finding things in my stash that I forgot about, AND it's not costing me anything, so it's kind of a win/win. And stop looking at the sales and teasing yourself! My God, woman, that's just mean!
    Hope you're feeling better!

  20. I failed this week…
    Its not my fault!
    ok- maybe just a tad.

    I cut the fabric for my MILs quilt and found I was 1/4 of a yard short of the fabric she bought for me.

    This morning I went back to the store and found it with some help. There was only 2 yards left of it, and I really liked it, and it was 1/2 price. So I bought the rest of the the yardage.

    oh well- hopefully thats it!!

  21. Remember, I told you about our LQS having a 30% store-wide sale on the 22nd,…well, she went-she saw-and she succumbed (AMH voile, mmhh). And if that wasn't shameful enough…since she had broken her diet, she binged on…some Ruby Star rising transistors and then some Henna Gardens on Etsy. I know I was bad, but in this 1 week I've managed to complete my henna garden set…and to save face…I also swapped some fabric…I'm satiated for the moment, and ready to go back to the diet for the rest of the 4 weeks left.

  22. Yeah I went to Aunt Bea's website too, sounds like the place to be! And I put a bit of Kaffe in my cart….and then my computer shut down for an update, saved by the bell!
    So no purchases this week!
    I have been borrowing from my mums stash though 😉 gotta get a fix some how!

  23. Failed again – bought some fabric for my mug rug swap – but I have no designer fabric scraps – and think of my poor partner…..it could not be helped. 😛

  24. No new purchases for me! Even though I said I was restarting in Feb, mmmm weird! Probably says a whole lot about my personality. I did go and fill a cart at Hawthorn Threads but quit instead of commit. I might have to go back for one print that is on sale, I've been wanting it for my eldest for a while. It's so hard to do that though as postage to Oz is much more economical when buying 7 yards *sigh*

  25. Great job…..

    No further purchases for me. I've only purchased 4.5m this year and those were basics needed for current projects. I will use most (if not all of 3m of that over the next week…)

    I have used more than 4.5m so far this year so am ahead of the game.

  26. Fell off the wagon this week – but it was sort of planned as I went to the big winter sale at the quilt shop over the border. Spent less than I thought I might though. Even to hold me over for the next four weeks though (or is it five weeks?)