Fabric Diet Check In – Week 5

Well, you can tell how out of it I have been lately. I didn’t even realize it was Friday and time to check in on that fabric diet. lol. Doh!

Oh well…better late than never.

You know the drill…how’d you do? what did you resist? what did you buy that we can all drool over? what did you REALLY want to buy? how many swaps are you doing?

You have NO idea how much willpower I had this week…and that’s counting that purchase of the Bella solid for $2.50 a yard. I mean I may be on a diet, but I’m not stupid. 😉

Bring it on!

56 thoughts on “Fabric Diet Check In – Week 5”

  1. I was good!! I finished a quilt, just need to get pictures fo my blog. I got bee blocks caught up. I think that I can make it through the remainder of the diet! My fabric from last week has still not made it here, UPS is scared of some snow. Okay, so the mail lady did get stuck yesterday… I have plenty to work on and play with!! Keep going everyone!!!!

  2. Another week down and I am proud to have fought really hard. I almost fell off the wagon a couple of times, and then used a Christmas G.C and that was just the remedy I needed!

  3. So I made it thru another week. This week I think I will be breaking the diet. 2 things have come my way: a local quilt shop will be closing its doors. Thursday begins the invitation only sale. I have an invitation and I am off on Friday. Part 2: hubby has given me an early valentines gift: a shopping spree there. Does it count if its a gift?

  4. i've been good this week! all these darn sales newletters coming my way don't really help though! but it has me rethinking what drives my fabric purchases… i also started a little list, of basics I need, and have that hanging up in my sewing room. That way I can get the solids and such I need all in one go when this diet is over.

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