Fabric Diet Check In – Week 7

First of all, let me say that there is nothing better than going to bed and waking up with all the lovely compliments and good wishes that you have given me over my projects in the magazine. You are all the best and I love reading every comment!

But once again, I realized that it is Friday again and we’re supposed to do a fabric diet check in. And we are done with week 7!!! Only one more week to go.

I’ll admit, I think that a 6 week diet was all I needed. 😉 But I think that some of you are doing better than I am. And we should celebrate that. If you are like me and have finally been lured away by the awesome sales and your desire to fill your stash with the items you have realized are missing…then share what lovelies you purchased so we can all be jealous…er…celebrate with you.

I’m planning some special prizes for the end of this…and I think you all deserve a blog button that says you survived this diet. Whether you purchased something every week or resisted the whole 8 weeks in the end…I know that you have all been thinking about those purchases and making the right decisions for you. I for one am happy to have had plenty of time to start organizing my stash. And yes, I say start because I am STILL NOT DONE! Oh well…in time.

So share with us all…and remember…just one week left!

58 thoughts on “Fabric Diet Check In – Week 7”

  1. Bum! I totally forgot the diet when I spied a fat quarter on the guild bring and buy table. I only paid 50p for the pretty fabric, some ribbon, lace and bias binding…and my little girl pinched the lot when I got home….but as I'll pinch it back when she's not looking I guess it still counts! xx

  2. Oh gosh I was dreading checking in for this week. It was a fail between AMH on sale at Fabric.com (also getting some stuff for my Make Mine Modern partner) and negotiating some charm packs from Kelly it was a big FAIL!!! Although I did manage to step foot in a quilt store and not buy a thing…that was somewhat of a victory!

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