Fabric Diet Check In – Week 7

First of all, let me say that there is nothing better than going to bed and waking up with all the lovely compliments and good wishes that you have given me over my projects in the magazine. You are all the best and I love reading every comment!

But once again, I realized that it is Friday again and we’re supposed to do a fabric diet check in. And we are done with week 7!!! Only one more week to go.

I’ll admit, I think that a 6 week diet was all I needed. 😉 But I think that some of you are doing better than I am. And we should celebrate that. If you are like me and have finally been lured away by the awesome sales and your desire to fill your stash with the items you have realized are missing…then share what lovelies you purchased so we can all be jealous…er…celebrate with you.

I’m planning some special prizes for the end of this…and I think you all deserve a blog button that says you survived this diet. Whether you purchased something every week or resisted the whole 8 weeks in the end…I know that you have all been thinking about those purchases and making the right decisions for you. I for one am happy to have had plenty of time to start organizing my stash. And yes, I say start because I am STILL NOT DONE! Oh well…in time.

So share with us all…and remember…just one week left!

58 thoughts on “Fabric Diet Check In – Week 7”

  1. No fabric purchases for me this week… although I am starting to miss looking at the online shops. I compensated by purchasing some paper piecing 3" clamshells so that I can use up some of my scraps.

  2. i did it! it was really hard this week to resist the metro living sale at fabric.com because i really really wanted those, but i feel like i'm a better person for being strong, lol!

  3. I failed on my diet this week – I bought some charcoal to make Lucinda's block in Ringo Pie and I bought some chocolate to make Kathy's block in Busy Bees and I don't even know if she's OK with me using chocolate because she did specifically say not to use anything but what she sent. Oh and I ordered a whole heap of solids as it's my month in Fresh Modern Bee in March so I need to get that lot organised. And I bought a ton of solids for a Ruby Star Rising quilt I'm starting for my sister's best friend. So I did fail but generally the diet has been really good for concentrating my mind on buying just what I need for specific projects rather than buying something just to have it. Whether that will last or not, who knows!

  4. I didn't buy any fabric this week, but all the fabric I ordered last week arrived. I finally caved and bought some Henna Garden and Modern Metro. I'm pretty excited to start some more projects!

  5. It was a busy week and I couldn't read your previous post, must check now.
    well, Last week soon after I commented that I've been good, I received my gift from FQS (which I won at another blog giveaway)
    So I guess I've survived this diet with(so far;D) two lovely giveaway winnings 🙂

  6. Still haven't bought any fabric this year. I think this week was the hardest for me. I finished up several small ufo's and wanted to start something new. Looked through my stash and I have everything I need, except for one fabric… but there is no deadline for this quilt, so it can wait.
    Thanks for the challenge.

  7. Well – as you'll know if you read my blog – I went to the Creative Stitches show in Brighton last week.

    It was all pretty dull but I did discover a fab shop in Chichester which stocks Ruby Star & Echino – I resisted the Ruby Star (temporary resistance, I know) but I did buy 2 metres total of 4 Echino colourways – it's for my new quilt so I feel totally ok about it.

    … well, maybe just a tiny bit guilty!!

    So thank you Angela – this has been a fantastic challenge – I really think that I have learned new behaviour and I won't plonk things in my online shopping basket just for the hell of it, anymore.

  8. Who-hoo…made it another week. Only one more week to go before I get a surprise from the hubby for doing this well (he didn't think I would make it this far).

  9. I wasn't so good this week. I just picked up fabric for completing my birdie stitch along quilt. I also bought an over priced fat quarter of Heather Ross fabric last night. It is so hard to be good, when it comes to fabric.

  10. I made it one more week, but I am falling off the wagon on sunday, just got toooooo Big sale at the local quilt shop, and I need some lime green kona because I am falling behind on my quilt along. So whoo hoo for this week……..Because next week will be a different story for me.

  11. Bought 4" of black cotton to finish my DQS quilt, so I'm not counting that! I'm pretty happy, cos I have been diving into my stash regularly- it now needs a massive re-organisation too! But then I WILL be ready to shop!

  12. i knew this day had to come…i miserably failed this week! *sniffsniff*
    but i just couldn't wait two weeks for the katie jump rope fabrics…they'd be gone by then…the only 'excuse' i have that they won't arrive before the diet is over *lol*.

  13. I never even joined because I am weak. I knew I wouldn't be able to do it, and I think I even went a little overboard knowing that I hadn't signed up and could buy with abandon! Stash organization must happen soon, because new fabrics are sitting piled on my sewing table due to shelves stuffed to overflowing!

  14. Have I been good? Well, yes and no.

    I've done a bit of swapping. I've continued to sort my stash, and have a big box of fabrics I've "outgrown" to donate to the local guild. I've ironed and folded and organized about a third of my stash.

    And, um, I had a major transgression with some precuts, as I hit a major sale plus free shipping. They're so pretty, and so easy, I couldn't stand it. Depending on the USPS, I'll either have pictures in this week's Sunday stash, or next!

  15. Ummm yeeeahhh…. not such a good week for me. I went on a bender and now have a bad headache – well no, not really. The headache will come later I suppose when the visa bill arrives. Let's just say it was not a good week for me in terms of dieting. I'm starting to think that abstaining for so long may have been a bad thing considering the aftermath of this week. But we'll try better for next week….sigh

  16. I did excellent this week. No fabric purchases. I took an inventory of what I have and I actually have six and a half projects sitting on my table. Which, with the way I sew, will take me all year 🙂 So I have been able to keep myself under control my looking over the projects that are already bought.

  17. No fabric buying… no time to head to the fabric store either… too busy with sick kids and sewing and running.

    I am getting things done! Should have a post soon on some finished items.

  18. I was doing very well until this afternoon.
    My LQS that went belly up in September had another sale. (she still goes to quilt shows)
    All fabric was 4.50/yd

    I got 9.5 yards and a fat quarter bundle (6)for $50…. so I cant complain!

  19. I did it, but all I can say is I am glad there is only one more week. I can feel my resistance is starting to fade. However, I have realized that not buying fabric has really helped me focus better on the projects I had planned with all the other fabric purchases I have made. I am hoping I will be a good girl once this is all done! ;0p