Inspiration Board Tutorial


  • Cork Board
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scrap of batting cut to fit cork board
  • Roll of Upholstery Tack
  • Rhinestone Buckle
  • Fabric Stabilizer
  • spool of Coordinating Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun or Staple Gun
  • fat quarter of a Moda script print fabric
  • fat quarter of a Moda Bella Solid fabric
  • Assorted Charms for Spool Paper Piecing
  • Thread

– Measure the dimensions of your cork board and cut a piece of batting to fit directly over the cork but not the frame. Use the spray adhesive to attach the batting to the cork board.
– Use the charms to create a paper pieced spool of thread. The background of the spool should be the Bella solid.

– Cut the script fat quarter to cover roughly half of the cork board plus 2 extra inches on the top and sides for upholstery purposes. Exact dimensions will depend on your particular cork board.
– Piece together the bottom half of the fabrics for the cork board using the paper pieced spool and the bella solid. Again, you will want roughly two inches around the bottom and side perimeters.
– Sew together the script fabric and bottom spool fabric to create your full fabric piece for covering the whole cork board.
– Pick a font that you like to create a template for your letters in the word “Inspire”. It is easier if you use a script font so the letters connect seamlessly. Size the word to suit your cork board and lightly trace it onto the fabric with a pencil. Use a fabric stabilizer behind your letters and free motion stitch the letters using your pencil lines as a guide. (You may want to practice this technique first! I do this with my feed dogs down, a bobbin matching my solid fabric, and a small stitch length on my machine. But find the right technique for you and your machine.)
– Use the spray adhesive and align your sewn fabric over the cork board as desired. Pay particular attention to the fabric over the actual cork. Making it as smooth as possible. Use basic upholstery techniques to wrap the fabric around the edge and to the back.
– Use either a heavy duty hot glue gun or a staple gun to hold the fabric in place. Be sure to fold the corners in tightly.
– Place your buckle and ribbon on the upper third of the cork board. Pull the ribbon fairly taught and wrap it around to the back of the board as well.
– Hold it in place with either hot glue or a staple gun.

All fabric should be held firmly in place at this point with just the upholstery tacks left to place.

-Use the roll of upholstery tacks to hold the fabric in place, using the edge of the frame as a guide. Cut the roll of tacks to size per side.

You’re finished! Hang your new inspiration board on the wall and start filling it with beautiful images that “Inspire” you!

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