Curious Dream | 2016 Fabric Collection

With my debut collection, Curious Dream, I was able to explore one of my favorite characters: Alice.  Her illogical experiences in Wonderland have intrigued the curious side of myself.  In fact, I think Alice is so beloved by all of us because of the host of characters she encounters.  There are condescending flowers, mad queens, a disappearing cat, and of course, that white rabbit.

My fabric line is a modern and subtle take on this world and Alice’s adventures.  You will find actual text from the book, brief images of Alice, playing cards and that famous white rabbit.  But I want this line to be loved and used by all, so I made sure that there are plenty of stash worthy fabrics that play well with others.  The prints work beautifully together in a soft rainbow of colors.  But these fabrics will bring any collection to life.

Dive down the rabbit hole with me and embrace this new take on a beloved tale.  Curiouser and Curiouser!

• Curious Dream debuted with Windham Fabrics in the Fall of 2016.
• Find a local shop that carries Curious Dream here.
• Purchase my Book Nerd quilt featuring Curious Dream here.

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