Felt Flower Wreath

On Monday I had an unexpected evening of crafting with some women that I meet with on a weekly basis. As the undisputed “crafter” of the group, it was up to me to come up with a craft that was fun, pretty and beginner friendly. Oh yeah, and cheap!

I’ve been itching to make a yarn wreath with felt flowers and have been collecting images over on Pinterest for a while. I took a look at a bunch of different felt flower tutorials and felt (ha ha) confident that everyone would be able to make something. So I shopped for some wreaths, felt, yarn and a sprig of greenery and set off on my merry way to meet with them. I needed to show them how to make things and even though I hadn’t made them before, I knew I could. 😉 So that took me a bit of time and I wasn’t able to finish my own wreath that night. So I took it home with me and finished it the next day with the help of my husband’s fabulous glue gun. And….

Felt flower wreath

Yay! This is currently my only Christmas decoration in the house….all the rest are in storage and would be kind of a pain to pull out to try put up where we currently are.

I didn’t create any of the tutorials used, so I thought making my own tutorials would be a bit insincere. But just google “felt flowers” and TONS of helpful tutorials will pop up. They’re all over the place. Lately Jess has been showing a bunch on her blog if you are looking for a place to start. But I did take photos as I put the flowers I made onto the wreath so you could see my thought process there. I think that can be the hardest part sometimes.

Felt flower wreath

I started out with one of the wreaths that looks like straw that’s all wrapped in plastic. As recommended on many sites, I did not remove the plastic and simply wound the yarn around the wreath just as it was. Worked great! A little tip: not everyone has used yard before and you may not know that yarn is wound in such a way that there is an that can be found coming from the middle that will pull out effortlessly. Use this end rather than the one you find on the outside of the skein. It takes a little bit of time to wind the yarn, so you are a super quick crafter, we also found that wire edged ribbon worked beautifully and quickly as well.

Felt flower wreath

There are so many luscious colors of felt out there, it was hard to restrain myself to this color combo. I love color! lol But I used four different shades of green and there are actually a couple of reds (but they were pretty darn close in color). The two toned red berries completed the look.

Felt flower wreath

I just love the texture that this wreath has. Felt is soooo forgiving and this is really a craft that anyone who can use a pair of scissors and a glue gun can do! I did multiple varieties of flowers, but the wreaths look so lovely with just one type of flower and one color. Really the possibilities are endless. I think all my friends were surprised at what they could make so quickly and with such nice results. You may want to try a small wreath if you are doing this in a particular time….or get one of those pretty twiggy ones and skip the wrapping part all together and just make pretty felt flowers.

Felt flower wreath

Just a hint of berries with their shiny smooth surface provides a nice contrast to the full touchable look of the felt. Use sparingly. Oh and people, I was so restrained! I didn’t even do something sparkly! That is so unlike me. I love sparkles! lol Glitter! Jeweled Berries! Sparkly felt! I was clearly buying supplies for people other than me. 😉 And I just used the super cheap felt pieces. They cost me 4 for a $1. Just think what you could do with really nice wool felt. (Although I can’t touch the stuff…I think I’m allergic to wool. Forced to be cheap!)

Felt flower wreath

I would estimate that this project cost about $5 for all the supplies, assuming that you own a glue gun.  Oh and use a nice glue gun.  It makes this so much difference to use a good tool.  I didn’t have zillions of stringy glue things coming from my project or glue pouring out of gun.  Totally painless.  (Other than that one time when I got some glue on me.  Ouch!)

Felt flower wreath

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

31 thoughts on “Felt Flower Wreath”

  1. WOW!!! That is so gorgeous Angela!!! I love all the shades of green together. Thanks for all the detail pix. I might have to retire my burgundy feather boa-wrapped wrath and try one of these myself. I love the flower that is a bunch of loops. There is a wreath flickr group I got stuck into the other day as well that had lots of examples of these felt flowers embellishing wreaths for all seasons – so pretty. Enjoy it!

  2. Oooh, I love it! Wow, it's so, so, SO white. The rich greens against that white is a strong look. Way to go on actually making one of these beauties. Doing them as a party with friends sound oh so nice.

  3. P.S. By the way, it doesn't look like anything other than wool felt, and you are not alone..I get dreadful itches from wool these days too! I was a bit of a wool snob but now I can only wear acrylic anyway, so there you go!

  4. You flowers look so pretty! I already have a wreath I covered with burlap for fall that has removeable flowers. I am definitely going to make myself some flowers like yours and switch them out and put a new ribbon on the top, too. Thanks for such a beautiful inspiration!!!!

  5. Though I'm typically not fond of felt projects because they don't hold up well, I sure do like this one. Your flowers are ingenious, and are arranged so artfully. Very well done! I'll keep this in mind should I find myself needing a craft project to do with our young teenage granddaughter. Thanks!

  6. very nice! I love a nice yarn wreath with felt flowers! I do love how you kept it to red and green but used what 8 different 'colors'?? 🙂 I actually got the supplies today to make a little tiny one with starfish on it… I hope it turns out how I am hoping it will!

  7. This wreath is beautiful! I am making one of my own and I love the greens you used. I know this was back in 2011 but do you remember the colors of the green you used?

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