Flower Quilt and Sailboat Applique

I’ve finished my last row for the Row Robin Quilt Swap. This time I worked on a row for Carrie’s flower quilt. I didn’t mind working on this one and came up with my idea fairly quickly and thankfully had just the right amount of the right fabrics. It’s amazing what working with some favorite fabrics will do for my piece of mind. LOL. But it can completely change my attitude about a project.

My tulip row which is pretty much improvised with a little guidance from a pattern for a MUCH smaller flower. Here’s a detail of the tulip petals.

And here are all the rows for her quilt together. Mine was the last one to add to the group, so now it’s up to Carrie to see how she puts these all together!

Another sewing project I was working on was a custom order for a set of burp cloths and blankets. They were ordered by the grandmother for her grandson and she wanted a sailboat theme as the parents have a particular love for them. We went with a red, white and blue color scheme and I think that they turned out really cute. And I finished them just in time for the new boy to enjoy them. He was born the next day to his proud parents!

A detail of the applique.

All wrapped up and ready to go!

While out of town, I took advantage of the fabric stores and came back with a little collection of new fabrics. I didn’t overspend…don’t worry. But I love having the opportunity to see and touch all the beautiful fabrics in person. There is just nothing anywhere closer than an hour away from me so I order almost all of my fabric online. I typically don’t get to see my fabrics until they come in the mail. Fabric stores are like jewelry stores to me! Sick but true!

Here’s a great selection of homespun fabrics that I would love to work into a quilt for my husband someday. They are so soft!

Here’s a sweet collection of fat quarters that I picked up here and there around the store.

And here’s a collection of fabrics that I mainly found in the sale pile. Score!

Also I now have a whole collection of pink, white and black fabrics that they used to decorate with at my baby shower. I’m not sure what I am going to do with all of it!

Lot’s of good fun! I’ll be back soon to share the pictures of our nursery and accent wall. It will be worth the wait I promise!

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