Flying Geese!

Tacha from Bee Modern wanted flying geese blocks and gave us free reign to create what we wanted. So I, being an overachiever, decided to put as many flying geese in one block that I could! 🙂 Despite the fact that I haven’t really made any flying geese before…

I loved the fabric choices she used and even had to go get some of the fabric myself! That’s a plus and minus of these swaps. Sometimes I work with fabric I hate and sometimes I discover a new fabric that I absolutely must have. It’s a vicious cycle! LOL.

The center of this block was done with a paper pieced pattern and turned out really well. I almost enjoyed doing it! The block is only 6″ finished, so technically it would take four of these to make one block. Someday I will do that…but for now I’m content with the block that I made.

Our group has lost a few members, so I wanted to make sure that Tacha got enough blocks. So even though that first block wiped me out, I went for a second block. But this time I wanted to try a simpler block. I didn’t quite have enough fabric left over for this block, so I added some of my own in…particularly the yellow fabric. I really like how this one turned out as well.

Here they are together. The scales are very different but I think that they will look great with the other blocks that people are making for her. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

I’m working hard on a number of products. There are swaps, bees, my own quilts, quilt a longs, new fabrics coming in, tutorials to write and try. I spent a whole day re organizing all my fabric and taking inventory of what I have. I have an extraordinary amount of blue fabrics…I guess I know what I am drawn to! LOL. I’m trying to increase my red and purple stash. I don’t have much there. You can never have enough fabric! LOL.

3 thoughts on “Flying Geese!”

  1. Those geese are just adorable!!
    I wonder: where did you find the pattern for the 'geese in a circle'? I have seen another pattern with 12 geese, but never this.

  2. You do wonderful work! I found you through the Fat Quarterly flickr group and will now have to follow along 🙂 Oh Darn! 🙂 🙂

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