Fun to find yourself on other blogs!

I was just checking out the doll quilt swap blog and to my surprise I found that my haunted house style house was one of a few that was featured in a recent post there. It’s so fun when you unexpectantly find yourself on another blog. I just hope that this quilt lives up to the hype that it’s garnered in the meantime. LOL. You can find the little post here on the doll quilt swap blog. You can also check out some of the finished quilts (lucky people…already done!).

And Brittney of Scrapyard asked to include one of pictures on her blog in a post that she was doing about hexagons. She’s got all of her own stuff packed up and needed pictures from other people for her post. There are a bunch of fun pictures in that post of hexagons and lots of great tips on putting them together. You can check out her blog here!

And because every post should really have at least one picture, I’ll show you the fabrics that I’ve picked out the charming mini quilt swap. I’m paired with Spiced Coffee and she was already sweet enough to change her fabric for me. She was going to send me some fun Halloween fabrics which is a fun idea, but unfortunately my phobias got in the way. There were an awful lot of spiders on the prints and I just can’t handle that. You have to be able to touch the fabric to use it, so I had to ask her to change it. She was very sweet and picked another selection of charms: spider free LOL.

My fabrics to her are Kate Spain’s Verna by Moda. We just have a month I think to put this together, but I think I know what I want to do for her…so that’s good. Of course, like everything else I do, it won’t be the easiest task in the world. But when have I ever picked the easy route? 😉


I can’t wait to see what she makes with them!

3 thoughts on “Fun to find yourself on other blogs!”

  1. What would happen if your modern swap partner drew a spider on the box that contained your goodies? Could you open it? Just wondering! 🙂 I have the same feeling about roaches. *cringe*

  2. Haha Kelly… I would just have my husband open it for me. Nothing would keep me away from what is inside!

    Lynne, I love Verna too…there were so many pretty prints which is why I bought the charm pack. But of course I wasn't doing anything with it. So off it goes to let someone else be creative with it. and Spiced Coffee has been so sweet…she's very excited to be my partner which makes me nervous because now I don't want to disappoint her!

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