Getting Back to Normal…sort of…

Well it has been crazy intense and busy in my personal and sewing life lately. But I’m trying to get back to normal just a bit. It’s not every day you win a fabulous competition and prize package. So I’m starting to return to normal life. That means laundry, cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen, snuggling with my 2 year old and attempting to sew again without crazy pressure.

I did make one granny square block on Sunday while I was trying to pass the time waiting for the results of the Moda Sliced Competition. I’m officially making this quilt for Caitlyn and her new room. As you can see, my attention span was pretty limited when I was making this. I couldn’t even sit and trim the block! lol

Getting back to normal

And last night I made myself sit down and make Amy’s block for the one Bee I am in, The Stash Trad Bee. Her month is March, so I’m not technically late…but I’m usually one of the first ones finished so it feels late to me. 😉 She chose a pattern with lots of Half Square Triangles…and darn if they don’t get me every time! I make them perfectly but then I sew them together in the block pattern incorrectly. EVERY TIME. lol

Getting back to normal

There are still lots of other things on my plate, not the least of which is writing up tutorials for all of my Moda projects. Just a bit of work. 😉

Oh yeah…and I have I mentioned that we are moving in three weeks? Umm yeah… so throw that craziness into the pile. Talk about the elephant in the room! My brain hurts just thinking about what we need to do to make that happen.

So back to “normal”. Which, let’s face it, was never normal to begin with.

22 thoughts on “Getting Back to Normal…sort of…”

  1. Somehow it always comes together! Usually, with a lot of late nights 🙂 hehe! And yes, I have decided that crazy is "normal" for us- regular normal is just no fun!! 🙂 Have a good day!

  2. Chocolate! Lots of Chocolate cures everything. It's great to help celebrate your success, and even better to calm the frazzled nerves of an over-scheduled life. Congrats and best wishes for your move.

  3. Congrats on your win! Your creations are beautiful. As far as the move, just think of it as a time to purge. Your new house will be all clean and organized. That will surely inspire you to sew even more lovely things. 🙂

  4. You are much earlier on this journey called life than I am. I have finally learned that there is no normal. Try to enjoy the ride, give thanks in all circumstances, and pray without ceasing per St. Paul. I told my husband when he kept fussing because I was interrupting him, "Life is just a long string of interruptions." Sounds like you are blessed and busy. Quilt hugs to you all.

  5. I don't know what normal is these days. i do know that my parents just left after a full week visit which was lovely. All I want to do is sew but I'm not sure I should be trusted with sharp pointy implements right now. 🙂 Enjoy the delight of your win for as long as you can. You deserve it

  6. Goodness, it sounds like the fun never stops ;). I'm trying to figure out my new "normal" too. I had myself going at high speeds for curves class and now I feel like I'm so slow it's almost a reverse. Would like to find that happy medium. Wishing that for you too!

  7. Oh WOOOOOWWWWW! I love that block with the pink and green half square triangles – such LOVELY color and shift of values. Good luck with your move and thanks for the quilt/color inspiration!

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