Quilt as You go Blocks

So I tackled a couple of blocks that I agreed to make for a special quilt.  They are done in a scrappy, quilt as you go style.  And I include selvages for the first time I think!  This was the perfect way for me to try them out.  And I think I might be hooked.

Quilt as You go Blocks

We were doing colors mixed with neutral backgrounds with lots of delicious fabrics thrown in. It was a ton of fun to pull out some Munki Munki fabrics to use and other precious scraps.

Quilt as You go Blocks

This method can be found all over the internet, so just google “Quilt as You go”. I did mine with a 1/4″ quilting throughout the top layer and the batting. Then the backing for each piece is added later and quilted separately. I just quilted in the ditch in each block and that was perfect for quilting all three layers together.

Quilt as You go Blocks

Then I send these off to someone else who has agreed to connect the blocks to make this special quilt. I don’t know too much about how that is done, so you can probably find more information with the details on the method itself if you search. But from what I’ve seen so far, this quilt is going to be GORGEOUS and I’m already jealous. lol

PS.  What do we think of the shots of the blocks in front of my fabric?  Too colorful?  Distracting?  Perfection?  I haven’t made up my mind yet but I love the light I get there…  I did do a couple of shots where I cropped out the background.

Quilt as You go Blocks

Quilt as You go Blocks

Better?  Blah?  No Difference?

13 thoughts on “Quilt as You go Blocks”

  1. Your blocks look great! And I love the pic in front of your fabric, it doesn't detract from the pics of your blocks at all since there's enough contrast between the blocks and the fabric

  2. Oooh, these are fab, love them!

    PS, the thread arrived today – holy crap, I thought it was just a 5 pack of thread, I hadn't realised I was getting all that, thank you so much!!! The wee ellies are so cute too, and have just saved a couple of craft books from rather less desirable marker things

  3. I too have become list obsessed. I have daily sewing goals this whole week.
    Also.. I think I need to play in your scrap bin 😉
    And! I'm super in love with these blocks. I've been really wanting to mix more neutrals into my quilts and I'm just trying to work out now.

    I'm really fond of the blocks in front of the fabric. It's not too distracting because the blocks are such a focal point. And the light in the photos is quite amazing.

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